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Original writing.

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Original Writing: Coursework draft I couldn't wait to meet her. I was finally going to meet her after all this time. I was ecstatic and happy, trying to conceal the fact that I wanted to scream with joy! It had been 10 years since I last saw her, since I heard her voice or looked into her eyes. I kept thinking, 'what am I going to say?' My mind was in a surge of thoughts and worry and all of a sudden, the doorbell rang. Through the frosted glass I could make out a slim woman, she had curly hair- but I couldn't really tell just yet as the door was dimming my vision. I slowly walked towards the door, by this time I was shaking- I had been waiting for this moment for 10 years- I had pictured this moment since I was 5 years old, I had so many things I wanted to do and say- but now my mind had drawn a blank. I opened the door after 2 minutes of pondering and trying to find an excuse not too. ...read more.


Her jeans were skin tights- I could tell they used to be black but they had been put through the wash so many times the colour had faded to reveal white lines and black parts. Her boots were at least 2 inches high, they gave her legs a shapely figure which suited the rest of her body. She had an incredibly good posture which was noticeable when she walked, and sat down. She had incredibly similar hands to me- her fingers were long and her nails neat and manicured. The palm of her hand was greasy and dripping with sweat-which she kept wiping on her jeans. I could tell she wanted to say something; her facial expression went from a relaxed face to a nervous one- she was biting her bottom lip and fiddling with her hair. 'What is it?' It kind of slipped out, the words started to echo in my ear- she started to say something but it was drowned out by my disgust- How dare I talk to my own mum so bluntly like that?, I was in a panic, a frenzy of panic! ...read more.


she looked angry again like thunder had struck upon her face, her eyes beamed like snake eyes in the dark and the words that came out of her mouth were like she had been possessed by Lucifer. Her hair had turned to snakes, hissing at me with every word and her body a dragon roaring every time I dared move or speak. The thing I had sussed out about my mum from the second I re-met her was not to answer back or show any defensive body language- as you'd probably never see the light of day again. This time she didn't seem to calm down, she was by the door of my house shouting and screaming things so hurtful that it felt like I was being stabbed with a thousand different knives over and over again. She was shouting so loud that the walls formed small cracks that reached the ceiling. Suddenly the shouting stopped, what had happened? "Remember I will always love you", I turned back to look at her, but she was gone- the front door left swinging and the faint aroma of her perfume that seemed to linger in the air. I smiled and shut the door. Jade Frater ...read more.

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