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Original Writing

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Original Writing The noise of the hunt was tremendous, a heavy silence that deafened all who trod in the wood that day. I was standing by the gamekeeper, then a young boy of only eight. I had so wanted to cling to the gamekeeper then, a man I trusted as I would have his father, had I known my father. I was about to sneak of with Cuthbert Gunn, the butchers boy who lived next door. It was pretty idiotic now I think on it, and even then it had seemed like a bad idea, but I never could refuse a dare from Bert, nor could he refuse one from me, later when I stepped upon my path, and he upon his, I felt that it was partially to blame for how he turned out, but none of that ran through my mind as we slowly crept through the woods, all that I was thinking was what is that ,what was this, humorous as I find it now I was terrified then, scared beyond belief as I followed the hunters, confusing them as they hunted the deer we had let loose earlier. "Cuthbert" I shouted silently in a language of the hands, and was rewarded with an obscene gesture. He always hated his name that was one of the many things he would change later as he became big enough to earn a name of his own. ...read more.


I went outside immediately to try out the new weapon, that's what it was to me, for all its beauty all I could see of it was its use as a weapon. I was a farm boy but even then I had high expectations of myself. I would never have been satisfied with taking over that farm and keeping myself and a family alive. I wanted to do something with my life. Ever since I was little, and at that age it wasn't a very long time at-all, I had wanted riches and glory. I had wanted to be a knight. This one thought stayed with me as I grew up, shaping my actions, the one thing holding me back was Bert, still my best and only friend. Matthew took me outside and showed me how to aim it. They left me there practicing, they being Matthew and my mother, and talked. Although to this day I don't know what they talked about, but I suspect it went something like this. "Matthew what are you doing giving him a weapon like that. He's only a child!!" (My mother was always worrying about me) "It was at his" "I know very well who requested this, is it right that you should give such hopes to a farmers boy when that's all he'll ever be." ...read more.


The hours passed and finally I disarmed him. He was that shocked, it seemed to me that no other had ever accomplished such a task, and suddenly looking around, I saw that the sun had long since set. Something else I noticed was the location we had ended in. we were in the town square. The fight had been witnessed by everyone there. Matthew and I were both exhausted, and the people around us stared in disbelief. I picked Matthew up from the ground, and retrieved our broken practice swords. From that day forth I was not remembered as the boy born out of wedlock or the boy with no father. It was that fight they remember me for there. When we were sat in front of the fire, with my mother twittering in the background, he explained foining, a technique I would need should I ever become a knight, he had said. "The technique is to shove the point of your sword at a ring in the other knight's chainmail. If you push with enough force, the rind will bend for your weapon. The next day Matthew and I were called to the baron. We were to be his personal guard in his visit to the capital. This was the chance I had been looking for. I was obviously meant to take it. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Luke Birkett ...read more.

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