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David Griffiths My Story Katie closed her eyes as the car screeched to a halt at the edge of the cliff. Biting her tongue, she silenced a scream. She popped her eyes open to shoot an accusatory look at Rick. "Are you insane?" Katie asked as she gripped the car door. She tried once again to open the damn thing, but only the driver side door in Rick's car worked, leaving her trapped. Sweat trickled between her shoulder blades as she contemplated her next move. "I can't believe you! You want to break it off with me to go to him! Don't deny it, I know you do!" Rick's hands gripped the steering wheel. He raced the engine before he slammed the car into reverse. Katie's head jerked forward from the force. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. He's insane. I need to get away from this idiot by any means necessary. He proposed, I said no; why couldn't he accept that? When he stopped the car not a hundred feet from where they just were, Katie opened her eyes and knew she had to lie. "You know, death couldn't even keep us apart. I'd make a deal with the Devil to be with you forever. ...read more.


The tall pines were black and feathery against the sky. She breathed in a deep breath as she considered what to do next. If she could distract him, maybe she could run down the hill toward the city. Rick looked toward the woods. "Is anyone there?" Rick's voice boomed into the night. Not even a tree branch moved in response. "Katie, nothing is there. So what's the deal? Come kiss me, let's not fight." Rick grabbed her arm and started pulling her toward him. "Let me go, Rick. Listen; did you hear that?" Barely whispering, she peered into the tree line again. She didn't think running would be enough now; he'd just come after her. She had to keep him here until she could find help to get him out of her life forever. He peered at the woods once again. "Stop playing these games, Katie. There is nothing there. Come here." He pulled her close and she lashed out at him. "Not now, Rick! Let me go!" They struggled until Rick let go of her arm when she spoke again. "There it is again! Look!" Katie pointed to the trees. She knew it was now or never to make her move and get away from him. Katie grabbed her knife when he grudgingly looked away and stepped toward the woods. ...read more.


the knife ... the blood ... " Black dots appeared in her line of vision; feeling faint, she gripped the side of the desk for support. "You shouldn't worry about it. Let's get you home, I'm fine. Thank you, officer for finding my girlfriend. Once she has her medication, she'll stop hallucinating." Rick took her hand in his. "Wait a minute; where did that blood on her come from?" the officer asked. "She cut herself earlier with a knife. She makes things up when not on her meds. Poor thing, she probably doesn't even remember what she said here. We'll soon be married and I'll have a better eye on her," Rick stated and the officer nodded. He didn't stop them as they walked outside. "I don't take any medication," Katie whispered by the Trans Am. "I killed you or at least made you bleed. I wanted to get away from you." She shook her head. Fear wrapped itself around her. "Yes, but now you'll be mine forever. I told you that. Nothing will keep us apart." Laughter laced his voice. "I really need that cigarette now. This has been one hell of a night!" Katie reached into her pocket with a shaky hand to pull out her lighter. A sulphur smell wafted through the air. With the unused lighter still in her hand, Katie looked up at a satisfied Rick inhaling his cigarette and saw a single flame shooting from his fingertip. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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