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BANG "You....you....you shot him!" BANG "Can you hear me?" I hear someone asking "We're taking you to the..." My eyes become heavy and drop, closed I am unable to open them. The last sound I hear is a continuous beep and the words 'She's under...' "Doctor, somebody...she squeezed my hand...she's waking up. Mum, Mum can you here me?" I take a large intake of breath and begin to open my heavy eyes. All around me I can see blurred objects. I hear a familiar sound. Beep...beep...beep. My eyes begin to focus in on the objects. Bit by bit I can make out the figures of my daughter and an unknown figure that is leaning over me. It makes me jump. "It's all right. You're in hospital Mrs Garrett. You suffered a gun shot to the lungs. You have been in a coma for the past three months. Would you believe it Tim Henman won Wimbledon! I am Doctor Wyatt and if there is anything you need just give me a beep. I will come back to check on you in an hour." It takes me a while to take all this information in. Tim Henman won Wimbledon! Trust me to miss it! But how DID I end up in hospital? ...read more.


I mean I ended up injured myself. I can't remember a thing which makes me panic even more. "I just need a few details from you. You know what can you remember? Where were you at the time do you know what I mean?" "Yes inspector." "Good, wouldn't want the murderer being free now would we after all he's killed once and could kill again. You are our only piece of evidence and three months is a long time to wait for it so whatever you can remember would help us a lot." He reassured me. I don't know what to say. What if I am the only person to help? I can't remember a thing...unless...what if my dream was the setting for the murder? Would it help the inspector? Might as well give it a shot. "All I can remember at the time is where it might have happened." "Might?" "Well no, I am positive that it happened outside my house. That it is where the murder took place but that is all I can tell right now. My memory's a little hazy at the moment but as soon as I remember anything else I will make sure that you are contacted." The inspector leaves along with everyone else and yet again I am left on my own. ...read more.


A part of me just wanted to run and leap into his arms but another part of me thought that he was too familiar. I really want to sleep but all day I have people coming in and out either checking up on me or coming to see how I am and how I am coping. I didn't really pay any attention to what they were saying. All I can focus on is that 'mystery' man. Was the dream a reality? At last I am alone. Wonder what my dreams have in hold for me tonight. But that man. His familiar face appearing before mine making me feel the way I've never felt before. It is almost like...I love him. I doze off into a deep sleep hoping to meet the man of my dreams literally! "You're not going to get away this time." He tells me. "Why's that then?" I reply hoping to catch him out and make him break his disguise. "You shouldn't have left me." He repeats. He walks over to me and gives me the most amazing kiss ever. He's lips are warm and soft, the way he kisses me is memorable. The kiss makes me realise suddenly... "It's you" The sharp pain in my lung comes back but this time there is no one to wake me up. BANG Eliza Garrett 1965-2005 A loving mother who died an Unexplainable death Which left an unanswerable Question...WHY? ............... ...read more.

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