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Original Writing

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Original writing I opened my eyes, the sun glazing its ray through the heavy black curtain. I sway the duvet across the bed then I slowly and gradually stepped out of the bed to yawn loudly and then head towards the bathroom, where I wash with the cold water dripping over my face. Than I drew the curtain open, the bright sunlight hit my face and I could see the birds sitting on the tree branches and also big oak tree the blossoming green leaf on them. After that I opened the drawer to find my clothes to get changed and get ready for class. When I got changed into my all white pants and trousers and slowly walk talking, laughing with few of my friends towards the morning class. When I walked into the class I felt lazy and drowsy because I wanted to be outside not sitting in a class on a hot, sunny day. I took my seat and was sitting leg crossed in the class. The teacher started to teach and explain, I wasn't interested but thinking about when the class would be over, so that I could go out to play football on the lovely dark green football field outside on the hot summer, sunny day where as the other student whispering and chattering away beside me. ...read more.


But this wasn't the biggest problem, now I had to explain myself to my family, thinking to myself how I could have been so careless. They had high expectation and a lot more responsibility from me. But there was nothing now that I can do to solve it so I went to my room, packed my things and waited for my uncle. My uncle arrived, put my bags in the car boot and drove off. The atmosphere in the car was so quiet that the only thing I could hear was the car engine; we stopped in front of a restaurant for lunch. We had our lunch but I was about to realise this was going to be my last peaceful lunch for a long time to come and after the lunch we hit the road again. But the strangest thing was that they didn't say a word to me and suddenly I realised that his face looked like he was crying. His bead was unshaved, and unwashed at that time I realised something really bad had happened and I am going home for some other reason, not for being suspended. ...read more.


After the prayer the body was taken to a majority Muslim graveyard for burial. The body was in a white coffin which was laid beside the grave, than suddenly the coffin was lifted and gradually put into the grave. The Islamic clerics performed religious ritual, moreover the cleric carefully and slowly initiate to lay earth into the grave. I stood besides the grave gazing, wondering for the first time to reflect on him. I could still vivid his pure silky white hair, with a round white hat soft as a wool, his oval shaped light coloured face when granddad smiled his checks would flourish like a pink rose. His brown eyes, nose and ears will bring out character of along with his long white feather like beard. When I took a step a back could feel a heavy weight on my shoulder, as I unhurriedly turned to see it was uncle standing beside me. He looked at me to see my red eyes with tears dripping down the cheek like an Ocean floating with blood. He took me to his arms and hugged me furthermore he said, "This is a way of life and we have to live with it" and walked away. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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