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GCSE - Original Writing Coursework By the time I had reached the top of the lane, the only lane leading away from the college dormitories, the air had started to chill with the onset of night. I allowed myself one final look. The colleges still looked big but had a hint of mystery and danger. Was it because I had recently pledged my life to the Phi Delta Nu sorority without knowing what it truly entailed? Was it because this was the first time I attended a ritual? I got a voicemail from Marie Haus, Rhea's prot�g�; her message seemed cut off. As if someone had intentionally prevented her from conversing with me, 'K-k-Kim, she stammered, get me out of here, it's rhea she has gone ballistic'. Then a deep voice was mysteriously let out from the background as I could hardly understand was it said, Marie let out sharp piercing scream for help then the message ended suddenly, she sounded like she was in need of help. Towards the end of the previous year everyone was aware that Marie had begun hearing and seeing things, she was proven to be delusional. ...read more.


Rhea came walking towards me and glared at me as she looked even more horrifying in the dark, her blackish red hair shone and reflected the moonlight, she had a mischievous smirk upon her then she turned around and named me her new prot�g�. 'What!?, I'm just a freshman', I shouted, 'Well you're not anymore', she replied looking even craftier . I could not comprehend what was truly happening today but who am I to question authority, so I decided to go to our sorority house and just clear my head. On my way there one the new members of the sisterhood approached me stating that she believed my story, so she asked to take a walk to her house near campus as she said she had a strong feeling that something was happening in our sorority and she wanted to show me her research towards it, as I reluctantly followed her. At her home, she had a lot of clippings from newspapers about various sororities and fraternities with strange disappearances and occurrences, I was gob smacked with utter shock it was completely revolting, my eyes felt like they were just truly opened. ...read more.


Was it Jasmine Hertz, by the way, she asked me. 'I don't know her last name, I replied, as they both walked out of my room. Today was a very strange day, I flopped on my bed with all sorts of things going through my head. Five minutes later, Rhea came into my room chucking a newspaper in my direction as she said that she found some information on my Jasmine friend, I quickly glanced at it, it was a commemoration for a Jasmine Hertz, she resembled the Jasmine I met but she was dead, she died six years ago then all what she said about trust started to come into my head. ' Guess someone is seeing the supernatural', Rhea said laughing, ' Oh yes! I replied I think Marie dropped this', I replied handing the emerald necklace to her explaining how Jasmine got it of the body. Her face looked pale, her eyebrows arched, lips curled and her eyes seemed to pierce deep into my soul, then I asked whether to return it to her personally so I ran into Marie's room but as I thought no one was there and there was a breeze of cold air from the opened windows everyone else said that they haven't seen Marie. So who is seeing the supernatural, I thought? Ayomide 'Mimi' Aborowa ...read more.

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