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Original Writing

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Danielle Lant Friday 8th October, 2004 Original Writing Coursework Everyone thought that they knew me so well, opinions change, and I'm not a little girl anymore. What would you think if you could see me now? I don't look perfect, and my shoes aren't very clean anymore, I'm not very clean. Nevertheless I've made sure that my gold pendant has stayed intact, I don't even think that you remember buying it for me. It was the one thing in the entire shopping mall that I wanted, on that boiling hot summer's day. I think that it must have been the first and the last thing that you've bought me that I've liked. You bought it even though you detested it. I'm stroking the metal; it feels cold against my skin, ice cold. I haven't felt warm for days. As I sit here cold and alone, I realise just how much I should be enjoying this. It's all I've ever wanted-to have a choice, to do things by myself. Well here I am ready to make a move. ...read more.


One of these roads seems familiar, a street full of detached houses all lawns exactly the same not a strand of grass out of place, not a tree that dares whisper in the wind. It's precise, just like you. The second is a mystery, just like me. I still haven't had any food; I'm beginning to feel ravenous. I have fifty five pence. I didn't think of bringing any money. Mind you I didn't really think that I would leave. I don't remember much about earlier, the massive row. I just remember two words 'dirty slut'. He was raging at me again, like it was strange to go out and party, a deadly sin to have fun. You spotted my pendant and asked why I was wearing such a grotty thing, It's not like I expect you to understand, so don't worry, I don't blame you. I'm at the end of my road now, adjoining to my road is a main road, I'm taking it, strutting down the centre like I own it. I've been doing that recently, holding my head up, I'm proud. ...read more.


Remember that night; I do, the 'slut' night. I wear make up short skirts and high heels, just like most people my age. Don't you think about what I could have said to you? How arrogant you are or how oppressive that you can be. Why do you think that I didn't? I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt your feelings, like you did mine. The Mona Lisa, your favourite painting while you sit there at your computer father, chew on this, she's smiling, is she happy? I think that I should be sitting in that portrait, don't you? The ripple of the pinky blue dusk that has set over the middle of London on an October night becomes more prominent as I stand staring over the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. I grip the railings I laugh, a high pitched screech, I'm so cold, so famished, but I've never felt so alive. Cradling my pendant like a damaged child, I say my last goodbye. I'm attaching it to the fourth bar on the second row. I look up to the beautiful night sky I love you mum, I love you dad, I love you, I love you, I love you, So much, I'm going home. ...read more.

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