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original writing

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Original Writing Coursework I arrived around 2 days ago, thinking it couldn't be as bad as everybody described it as being. I thought they were stories made up to put a lot of families and friends off joining the army. I set foot in Belgium at around 6.30 am, shattered after a long night feeling apprehensive and nervous. I couldn't sleep. I was excited about the experiences I may see. This is why I wanted to come out and serve for my country. I wanted to make new friends and have a good time not expecting that I a going to be in any danger. However I discovered as soon as I got to my base on the Somme that the stories were true. It was Friday morning that I was sent to the frontline for the first time. I was thrilled at the prospect of what may happen; however I wish I hadn't of bothered joining the army. We lived in trenches that were absolutely dreadful. They stunk of rotting flesh and were covered with rats the size of a cat. They were huge! They would gorge on human flesh, they who died in the German attacks. We try and try to get rid of them, yet we can't. We shoot them with our rifles and stab them with our bayonets yet nothing works. ...read more.


I heard machine guns firing turning round slowly, crouched I looked up saw men dropping like flies. This confirmed my fears that people really do die and a lot of people not just one or two. I sat and burst into tears at the fact that I just had to shoot my own friend like he was a German. That was the hardest and most gut-wrenching thing I have ever had to do in my life.. When I sat and thought about what I had done, it was hard I didn't understand why I had volunteered, I wish there was some way I could have turned back the time. I was trying to hold back the tears having had to shoot my friend. I tried to convince myself that it was the right thing to do yet it wasn't working. I felt so depressed at that time and with only being there a matter of days I had nobody to explain what I was feeling. Around one hour later we attacked we through shells and went over the top to try and charge the German trenches. However they had been waiting for us to retaliate for days and this was not what we had planned. I was told to stay near the trench and man the machine gun. Unfortunately I was inexperienced and not very good. ...read more.


It made me upset and angry that the Commanders at home would be prepared to send youngsters who aren't prepared at all to die. We are expecting another onslaught today to get us whilst we are down, to rub salt in the wound as some may say. We are stood introducing ourselves to the new people and everything is quiet except for one bird making an annoying tweeting noise. One of the newcomers sitting down, keeping himself to himself shoots the bird with his rifle. We all turn around sharply and with a look and feeling of anger. He is unaware of the danger he has put ourselves in. I shoot to him "You stupid fool, you have no idea of what you have just done!" Again it goes quiet, however we hear somebody shouting in the distance. I look up and see this shell flying in the air. It looks the size of a peanut at this stage, however it is coming closer and closer and lands roughly 20 metres away from us. Luckily we all ducked and took cover. Unfortunately our fears are confirmed. I look up and see a swarm of German soldiers. They look like a stampede of elephants. I'm thinking to myself that us older ones have to take charge, we set up machine guns rapidly and fire. Some drop dead in a flash. However they fire with deadly accuracy. Chris Delaney 10 PAL ...read more.

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