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The life of a killer America the country where dreams are made of. Yeah right, that's only if you're some stuck up rich folk. As for me I'm going straight to the top. I got my first hit here some fat man who is always drunk so it won't be hard, his name is Frank. The next day... My first hit, just found out the time. 12:30pm, the company wants the kill to be swift and without a fuss. My ride has just arrived it's a full black Lamborghini Murcielago windows tinted full black and the driver opened the door for me and said "It was time" in a very deep voice. The drive took us 2 hours because of all of the traffic it was really frustrating once we had got there I told the driver to park up and stay in the car because I knew this wouldn't take long, as he walked into the his apartment. The street is watery. The grass is soggy and soft. The strong rain assaulting down like machine guns. This did not disconcert me as I raise my handgun looking at the apartment again and I knocked on the door and as soon as he opened the door BANG!!! ...read more.


So as I opened the door I could see him fidgeting in panic but I needed him to do a job and watching him frightened I knew he would do it since I had put the fear in his eyes I told him to go find my little brother because I wanted to know where he was and to bring him here for he was the reason I am who I am, he asked me what has he got to do with you being a killer so I told him, that when I was eleven years old and my little brother only five years old. Our dad got into some corrupt dealing, there was this guy he would pay him at least a good two grand for every delivery, mum weren't too happy about it but when it puts money on the table how could she complain, but the only problem was my dad was making his own money behind there backs and one day the guy he worked for found out and sent him on a little strange delivery were he had to go at dawn and the one thing my father didn't no was that in the back of the van was dead bodies and as soon as he ...read more.


was two more they fired and one bullet went straight into my left arm and one in my right and I dropped into the ground and Carlos came I couldn't reach my gun I was in so much pain blood was gushing out of me and as I tried to reach my gun Carlos was coming closer and closer with his handgun looking finish me of I was fingertips away and there he was my brother he picked and shot both bodyguards with my gun and with his own gun he shot Carlos in his head before Carlos could fire then he looked at me and smiled he lifted me up and as I got up I looked knowing something was not right and then he lifted the gun and pointed into my head I was confuse not knowing why and then he goes saying I want to be the boss. I started to laugh for I looked after him when he was a little boy and now he wants to kill me and then he shot and slowly my eye lids closed I had 3 shots gone through before I was dead I could hear him crying saying thank you I'm so sorry. ?? ?? ?? ?? Umar Yasin 11kp ...read more.

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