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I woke up one morning and thought to myself what am I still doing here? I had already done five months but they said I would've been released after four months for a crime that I didn't even commit. For the rest of my life, I will always never forgive my mate who 'grassed' or told on me to the police. I will never trust him as soon as I am released. So here I am, doing national service serving as a soldier in the army. I turn to my right and see my cabinet door dominated with pictures of my friends, families and my girlfriend, who I mourn for and miss the most. I turn to my left and saw another boy still sleeping. He was still sleeping tucked away warm and comfortable. The barracks I was staying was like a youth hostel instead filled with more beds, mostly bunk beds along with two tables with chairs and rifles. I could hear the sound of water dripping onto the roof. It must have been raining the night before. I then felt a rush of cold air which passed by on my legs. I quickly covered them with my blanket as I also heard a door slam shut. The door opened and stood their was my corporal with his new shiny boots, smart uniform and neat haircut and shaven skin covered his body with pride as he was proud of us for what we have become, soldiers. With a fast click to the switch, the lights turned on and all us troops jumped out of bed as if we were under attack. ...read more.


I was scared. My mind was split in two, call or not. I used my instinct and listened to what that boy told me. So I called her. After a couple of rings it went to her answer phone. I called her again and again until I was called out by my corporal; I then slammed the receiver and marched right out. I was angry, too angry to listen to anyone. I walked right passed my corporal without saluting him. This was against army rules and he straight away grabbed my arm and shouted "You know always to salute your commander no matter what the circumstances right!" he ordered. I then forced my arm off him violently, and then I saluted him and marched off. "What's the problem?" he asked me as I was walking off. I then stopped and turned around and walked up to him. "When are we going to war?" I asked. "Why has this got to do with your problem, I saw you trying to get hold of someone on the phone, girlfriend?" he asked. "How do you know?" I replied, "And what has it got to do with you?" He then put his arm around me and we started to walk "As corporal, I am like a father to you and not only you, all you boys are in need of a father figure and that is me. That is why you lot have been sent here, you lot are in need of a father type figure to guide you in life and tell you all the rights and wrongs in life at home and on the streets." ...read more.


Before we were to be boarded onto the plane I received a letter. I was given it by my corporal and I decided to open it. It smelt of feminine touches. When I completely opened it, it was my girlfriend. She wrote me a letter telling me how much she loved me and will never forget me when I go to war. I read the whole letter later finding out she was pregnant with my baby boy. This filled me with excitement and confidence that my girl still loves me and a baby is to be expected. "I told you she still will love you" one of the boys told me. He was lurking over the seat to see my letter. "Congratulations, you're a father, just keep that in your heart for know, fill your mind with hate" he advised me. He was the same boy who I met at the barracks before who told me my girl will always love me. He was right. As the engines were starting, I turned to my left and saw everyone's families waving and blowing kisses. When I saw my family waving I waved back and blew kisses. Not knowing that my girlfriend was among their presences. I only then noticed her beside my mother with her bump noticeable waving and blowing kisses. From then on, I knew I could rely on my family to take care of my baby boy. All us troops looked at each other and we then looked at the regiment that we were going with and from looking at each other's faces we knew us six convicted criminals were soldiers of war and had to rust in each other in order to succeed in this war. But as an overall us six strangers had changed for the better. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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