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Meeting the Pilot We had just boarded our evening flight from Tenerife in the Canary Islands to London Gatwick airport, which wasn't going to land until just before dawn. It was my 4th birthday and also the day following Christmas and I felt quite disappointed to have spent it packing and starting our journey home. Looking around me I saw families and other people seeming tired from their Christmas holiday break, longing to get home. I'd been on holiday with my mum and my brother, who was at the time nearly 3 years old. It was my first and only Christmas away from home. Even though it was extremely fun, we still preferred a traditional Christmas at home where we could open our presents in front of the tree and play with our new toys. It was the opposite of a normal Christmas in England because we went swimming instead of playing board games and ate ice cream instead of pudding none the less it was a great holiday. The time on the plane was just before midnight and even though most people were asleep, I was determined to stay awake for what was left of my birthday. ...read more.


She asked me holding a hand out ready to take me into the adventures of flying. "Yay!" I screeched forgetting the fact that people were trying to sleep. I used the word that every young girl used when they got exactly what they wanted or a really great surprise. So I took her hand and walked towards the front of the plane. It seemed never ending as I dragged my feet up the narrow isle, I thought I'd passed a million people by then. When we reached the front of the plane I had started to feel dizzy from walking down the shaky isle trying to keep my balance. But it was worth the hassle because I was going to see something that I could brag about to all my friends when I went back to school after the holidays. As I leant against a cabin door, I looked at the other hostess' sitting on their fold out chairs almost falling asleep with nothing to rest on. And just a few yards in front of me stood the sliding door that sealed away the pilot's bit of the aeroplane. ...read more.


Even though it was quite confusing, I found it really fun and interesting. There were so many buttons it was like an optical illusion and everything just blended together. My journey back down the plane went much quicker than before because I skipped most of the way humming a Spice Girls song to myself. Then I returned to my seat just in time to put my seatbelt on as the sign lit up. I then woke my mum and told her all about what happened even though she didn't look too interested. But I always knew how amazing it was, well for a just turned four year old girl. In addition, just as I said I told all my friends about what happened really excitedly a week later back at school, and was the envy of nearly all of them. It was the best aeroplane journey I had ever been on and would never forget either. I was even for a while convinced I wanted to be a pilot because it seemed so fun. However, now it's just an old memory of how easily impressed I was in my early childhood. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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