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Original Writing

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Original Writing 17 March 1913 Where was I? All I could see was the dim filament light flickering in the room. I felt as if I was encased in a cell, buried underneath the earth's crust. The four walls around me were blank and had a concrete shell, as did the floor and the ceiling. But there was one thing about this strange place that urged me to wake up my senses. I could hear voices, whispering and muttering to each other under their breath. What were they saying? What were they trying to tell me? 12 September 2008 It was September the 12th. I was strolling along Oxford Street peering inside the shops that I couldn't possibly afford anything in. I was only a civil servant so I wasn't that wealthy. It felt similar to briefly visiting a whole new world that I would never have a chance to return to again. I walked down into Oxford Circus Station and placed my travel card into the machine. It sucked in my day pass and briefly analysed it before propelling it out the other side. I could feel the presence of something mysterious and dark. Something big was about to occur, I could feel it in the air. 17 March 1913 The voices soon ushered away and I could them no more. I decided to take a walk around the unpretentious room that I was in. ...read more.


The sound generated was huge. I was destined to be a victim of this vile attack. I was immediately swept off the train by a sudden push behind me. Another man followed me and we were both thrown off the train at great speeds. I cannot recall any more about this feature of my past. 25 March 1913 I had decided to find a way out of this place. I thought that there must be at least one. Looking at the vent, I noticed that I could probably squeeze out of it. I try desperately to slip my shoulders into the hole but they wouldn't fit. However, I had a plan. I knew another way out. What I was to do was wait until my daily delivery of food would drop through the ceiling. Then I would try and tug whoever dropped the food in into my cell. All I had to do was wait. It seemed like the longest hours of my life sitting there, waiting for the faintest noise to approach me from the ceiling. And then it happened, I could hear the footsteps again. But they didn't throw in the food through the hole in the ceiling; they threw it in from the hole in the wall. It seemed that they switched the food drop point regularly. I woke and all I could see was black with faint flashes of light. ...read more.


But all the fit and youthful men were instructed to stay behind. I then entered one of these big huts and we were all told that we all needed to take a shower and wash all disease of our bodies. The room then filled with gas. I was distressed by what I saw. People around me were dropping dead on the floor. I had no clue what was happening. I soon realised that we were being exterminated. There was a sudden feeling of hatred and disgust and above all, humiliation. These people who were killing us were not people. They were more like animals. 7 November 2008 Where was I? All I could see was a blur of white light. My eyes started clearing and I could see well. I sat upright and realised that I was in a hospital. A nurse came over to me and said that the doctor would be coming soon. I told him what I had experienced during my coma. He said that what I had experienced was perfectly normal but deep down I knew it was much more than that. I had relived my grandfather's life. It was so clear now. He had died in Auschwitz after being a prisoner of war. A wave of paranoia swept over me for the later hours of that day, as I thought through what he must have felt deep down inside his self. I was so glad to be back. To be back to reality. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anthony St. John-Bond October 20, 2008 ~ 1 ~ ...read more.

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