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Joe Burgess Original Writing "Comment t'appele tu?", just one of the several mysterious questions that came from the Frenchman in the white coat. Of course, I know what it means now, but back then I had no idea as to what was going on. I didn't even know I was in a French hospital until I woke up the next day. It all started in Disneyland about 2 days into our luxurious holiday in Paris. I was only six, but still old enough to understand what we were doing that day. At first, like any other kid would agree, the park was amazingly fun! We went on many rides and enjoyed them to the maximum. ...read more.


He replied "That's the olden days alternative to our more modern suspension in our cars. It absorbs the shock when the driver goes over a bumpy road. It's really bouncy." The list of opportunities was endless, so many things to do with this one 'bouncy' chair. I had to begin by testing its bounciness with my hands, it seemed very springy to begin with. As a result, I moved on to jumping up and down on it, it became very wobbly. So unstable it was becoming hard to control. I began to lose my balance, and then, it was almost as if I'd been pushed from behind. I was thrown off the carriage and took a hard landing onto the concrete/bark chip ground. ...read more.


Eventually, the doctor decided I would need stitches to cover the crack in the middle of my forehead. After numerous hours in the French hospital, eventually I came out with approximately four stitches down my forehead. We got into the car and drove back to our resort to meet my dad and my sister and tell them all about it. The next day, almost everything was back to normal. I was no longer in pain and looking forward to whatever we had planned for the day. The only evidence that anything had even happened was the stitches, apart from that there was, nothing. All was well, and we were on our way to the beach, simply laughing at my stupidity from the night before. ...read more.

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