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Original Writing

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Original Writing I was on a small carrier boat slowly moving towards the beach landing. I could see the land ahead and feel the terror that I was surrounded by. A sickening smell surrounded our boat as two of the passengers vomited uncontrollably. Upon reaching land, we were instantly forced to evade as we tried to set off because our carriers were showered with bullets that seemed to last forever. The sound of destruction and men furiously yelling filled the area while I tried to take cover by diving into the icy cold water. The salty taste of the water rushed past my lips and continued to cover the rest of my body. I felt the impact of bullets penetrate the surface of the water; brave soldiers were struck down as I crawled out and grasped the muddy, but soft earth. I managed to get up, with impaired movement from the amount of water that my clothes accumulated however; grenades and bombs alike were being set off so I had to be cautious. German soldiers were everywhere, we managed to fight off a dozen of them, but more kept appearing out of the shadows. ...read more.


Another group of Germans came out from the trees above and surrounded us; it was over and we had no choice but to surrender or else we would end up like the corpses that we found earlier. We laid down a white flag and put down all of our weapons and rose out hands clearly in the air. A German commander made some gestures to his men, which was followed by a few of them coming towards us. They handcuffed us and then motioned for us to follow; we did as we were told. They took us into an underground chamber that smelled as if it had not been cleaned for months; it had a narrow hallway with prison cells with steel bars on each side. All of the cells were empty, apart from one, which contained a male figure in army uniform. The German general assigned us to our cells and I was placed into the cell facing opposite of the male figure. As he stepped closer to his cell door, I instantly identified him, he was Private Steve! ...read more.


We decided to ambush him just like what they did to us, but with our troops back inside their cells. I bravely volunteered to go as the bait and everybody got into position. I was actually quite afraid of what was going to happen when I approached the guard, but tried to stay confident. As I got closer to the entrance, I could see him in the distance. He heard me coming towards him and turned around, fired a tranquilizer at me, which caused me to go unconscious. When I woke up, I was with the sergeant and Private Steve was out of his cell, his positron was now occupied by the guard. The sergeant explained what happened when I was unconscious; it turns out that the guard went back to check on the rest of the cells so the troops ambushed him and used his keys to let Private Steve out and locked the guard into his cell. We quickly headed for the exit to avoid meeting more Germans while being unarmed with no real defence. We got outside and it was dark, it was also time to get back home now that we have what we came for. Backup finally arrived and then we headed back to base! ...read more.

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