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The Occult Late! The master may be dismayed at my belatedness, or yet, maybe even exasperated. I felt a surge of apprehension as I turned a right at the street corner and was faced with the familiar contents of the elongated cul-de-sac I had traversed through many times. My memory of the surroundings came flooding back to me like an overflowed dam whose wall had broken. Crammed terraced houses squeezed side by side as though to save every millimetre of space, boarded-up properties lay desolate and forgotten, random pieces of litter lay scattered on the street floor, every building in this road looked as though they were crumbling from within giving off a feeling of urban decay. This was accompanied by the merged, putrid, saturated stench of sewage and rotten eggs which made my nostrils flare. As I walked past a dark alleyway I saw a lamppost's light flickering on and off; momentarily providing me with an extra source of light. My mind absorbed this unpleasant sight like a newly-purchased sponge as I traipsed down the street. I heard an owl hoot in the distance and the calming yet sinister sound sent a ringing sensation in my ears, simultaneously an icy breeze sent a shiver down my spine causing the hairs on my back to stand on end, this increased my sense of paranoia and I picked up my pace. ...read more.


The building itself was a large and prominent and towered above any other structure in close proximity. Two large ornate pillars held the structure together increasing the contrasting look of the manor compared to its surroundings. As I gazed at this sight I felt a furry creature scurry past my right leg and run off into the darkness. It was then that I felt I was trespassing due to the acknowledgement of my presence being confirmed by another soul, or maybe even a higher, metaphysical being. I was unnerved by this thought and felt panic-stricken and jittery. I took a few moments to inspect my surroundings; there wasn't a soul in sight and not a noise in my ears except the hooting of the breeze in the distance and my own heavy breathing. I felt anxious and yet intrigued; my inquisitive thoughts caused me to walk discreetly towards the door ahead. As I reached the door I stopped and ran my hands over it I felt the satisfying feeling of smooth, polished teak. A prominent occultist display had been carved into the door, at the centre of which was a perfectly drawn pentagram. Closing my eyes, I inhaled deeply and pushed open the door. ...read more.


The sound was clearer than ever and appeared to be distinctly human and sounded like a repetitive chant in a rough, nasal tone. It appeared to be coming from a door patterned with various symbols. There appeared to be an obstruction in my throat, I was finding it difficult to swallow. Something grabbed my attention, I saw a shut door with light emitting from its corners, this seemed to be the source of the noise, I was reluctant to approach it but instinctively walked towards it... There was no fear... No anxiety... No pain... I walked slowly but with firm paces. I reached the door; this door had patterns and symbols engraved on it too, however I was no longer interested... I put my hands forward to turn the knob. As I grasped the door-knob I felt a drop of sweat fall from my forehead and onto my knees. I felt a conflict raging away in my head; one in control of my physical actions and one in control of my emotions. I pushed open the door; it was difficult to describe the look on my face. It took no more than a few meaningless moments for me to decipher the image in front of mew and a soundless scream emitted from the depths of my throat at what I had seen... ...read more.

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