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Original writing - A place in the sun

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I eventually reached the doors. The plane had touched down what seemed like an eternity ago and my palms were itching with anticipation. Although I had been to the Costa del Sol many times before the feeling of excitement was the same. A strong gust of warm, stuffy air hit me instantly as I emerged from the plane, a feeling I knew well. A small bus awaited our arrival and took us to the main building. 'Baggage Reclaim', a large sign directed us to our luggage, however, as usual when we arrived there wasn't a sign of any baggage whatsoever. "Ah, here we go." A plump old lady standing over my shoulder whispered in my ear. She had obviously overheard my dad and I talking about what the suitcase looked like for the last ten minutes. I smiled politely and turned my attention to the prams coming our way. The suitcases soon followed. This year, I was travelling with my dad only, a new experience. Usually the whole family travelled together except due to our timeshare weeks overlapping with the school term, I was to be staying for a week only, whilst my brother and mum stayed the full fortnight. ...read more.


"Aright Adam!" I recognised my brother's voice immediately. I turned around to see a drenched 10yr old in swimming trunks 5 sizes too big. "hey Taylor." " ya comin' down to the pool?" I looked at my mum, she knew what I was going to say. " go on then you two, ill unpack your things." She said with I sigh. Taylor and I trundled off to the pool. As I expected, he had a lot to tell me, but all I was interested in was relaxing by the pool. He began to ramble on about something or other, I just smiled and nodded, not taking in a word that was uttered. The pool was still the same when it finally drew close, water splashing in all directions. We went straight to the back of the pool area, a grassy sunbathing spot where most people seem to prefer. Once we had dumped our towels it was a case of, 'last one in the pool is a rotten egg.' Or words to that effect. The cool, refreshing water rejuvenated my tired body. It came as such a relief to finally be where I had wanted to be for the last twenty-four hours. ...read more.


At �10 a meal, its is a bit on the expensive side when only half gets eaten, nevertheless, it always seems to happen. Ten year old brothers would much rather be wasting pound after pound in the nearby arcade than eating food at a "proper table" with his "best manners". I have to admit however that at times, I myself missed a bacon sarnie that could be whipped up in two minutes and scoffed in half that. It is rather boring waiting half an hour or longer for a meal with only the colour of the table cloth to talk about with parents that have as much 'street cred' as croquet. Well... I suppose they aren't that bad, infact we did have quite a few laughs, mainly at the expense of unsuspecting barmen. (Long story). Not much had changed significantly in the year between my visits yet, every time I stay is just as exiting as the last. It may sound strange but I feel more comfortable in a place I know than visiting new places. 'Lubina Sol' has become like a second home to my over the years. The colourful landscape remains vivid in my memory. I just cannot wait until next summer! 4 Adam Cox 10 I - Original Writing. ...read more.

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