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Original Writing - A Short Story

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It was a cold and dark February morning. The clouds in the sky moved swiftly, above the trees that swayed ferociously. The cars were frozen, and their doors had jammed, leaving many drivers in distress. Those lucky few, who did manage to break open their car doors, found the engine squealing for warmth. Many people had thought that the weather associated with the winter was beginning to lift, however they soon realised they were very, very wrong... Meanwhile, in his snug household at 29 Maplewood Crescent, James Brown was waking up on his 16th birthday. His parents, Felicia and Mark, together with his brother Ben (who was 3 years his junior), thought that today would be a normal run-of-the-mill birthday. Usually, James would wake up to "Happy Birthday" booming from his CD player. He would then glide downstairs to be greeted with showers of presents. James would usually spend the rest of the morning playing with his new toys, and then he would have a small party with his friends in the afternoon. February 29th had always been a funny day within his family; his Uncle Daniel, who worked in the National History Museum, always fantasized about how special the day was. ...read more.


The snow, on the other hand, floated gracefully towards the earth, collecting in mounds of white powder, before slowly dissipating. James turned away, thinking nothing of it. He lifted himself up, and walked over to red, fabric armchair. He let his body collapse over it, and slumped on it as the seat moulded to his shape. It was at that specific moment in time when James realised what he could do for the rest of the day... play with his presents! Throughout the rest of the morning, James examined and toyed with his gadgets, preparing them for immediate use. Some gadgets he tested before moving onto others. This included trying his FIFA game for his PSP, yelling "Goaaallllll!" whenever he scored, and transferring his current CD collection onto his iPod through his computer. When he had finished adding the thousands of songs, he picked up his iTunes gift cards and started ferociously banging the keys of his keyboard, typing the codes into the iTunes store. James made sure that all the credit was added to his account, shut down his computer, leant back on his chair, and then took a deep breath. He thought back on all the amazing presents he had so far looked at, and then James started to fantasise about the presents he would later receive from his friends. ...read more.


His alarm clock that was a short while ago sitting still on the table, was shaking violently. The alarms on the top of the clock were clanging off one another, as were as loud as the thunder clouds outside the window. More and more red smoke was emitted mysteriously from the back of the clock. Wanting it to stop, James leapt across the room, grabbing the clock, and held it close to him. Not knowing what to do, he screwed his eyes closed, and hoped the best. He suddenly felt a sharp pull on his stomach. Startled, he yelped out in pain, still clinging onto the clock that was giving off an endless supply of crimson-red smoke. James felt as though he was floating endlessly through space, but without the lack of air. He abruptly sensed that he was starting to fall. Hopeful of what he would be presented with, he slowly opened his eyes, and noticed he was falling hastily towards earth. Rapidly approaching the ground, he hesitated with what to do; he was not falling back towards the floor of his room; he was instead plummeting towards lush green grass that, from James' view, looked endless. James pounded into the ground with a great THUD! James lie on the ground, in the middle of nowhere, unconscious; nothing with him bar the clock, that somehow transported him there... ?? ?? ?? ?? English Original Writing (Coursework) ...read more.

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