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Original writing - a taste of death

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Based on True events... A Taste Of Death - Original Writing by Kamran Latif This story is about a young boy who lived with his divorced mother in an old house. He used to lead a ordinary life until one day; the young boy heard a creaking sound. What he did not know was that that sound would change his life it was around 12:15 am when he heard that creaking sound, a dawdling poignant profound tread. His body was quivering as he ran with fright to shut his window. The wind blaring against his body, as if attempting to push his back, blew up his sleeve making the hair on his hand elevate as if they had seen a ghost and gravity was no longer effective on his. Unnerved, he jumped back into his bed, snuggling up as hard as possible persistently looking around trying to see if he could conceive anything, or anyone. He began falling into a daze, feeling sleepier by the second. As the complete silence conquered the whole house, the only sound he could hear was the loud tick-tock of his clock echoing around his room. ...read more.


"Yes I'm fine mum" The boy replied with a sigh as his mother strode away out the bathroom and back to his room. Before he got into his room he said, "You'd better get some sleep, you do have school tomorrow you know!" The boy replied with a yawn and decided that he had had enough a thrill for one day. As he gazed at his clock, he saw that he had been up for two hours and that he really did need some sleep for tomorrow. So, he bravely put his fears under his pillow for that night for the nightingale had begun its merry chirping. "Honey, I'm going now. Don't be late to school" were the words that would have normally woken the boy up, but not today and not ever again. For today he lay by his mother's corpse as the tears trickled down his heart-breaking, shining, diamond-like eyes. His eyes began leaking and before he knew it, his iris was afloat a lost boat chasing reality, twirling from side to side with his confusion. ...read more.


Yet he would never tell his. But now he knew. It meant 'strong lady'. Yet he found that his father wasn't lying. His mother really was strong. But now, now he has lost both his father and mother. And all that night he drowned in his sorrow, wishing there was something that he could have done to save his mother. Unable to believe the events that happened he felt he could not live without the mother he was overly attached to. He couldn't accept that she had gone. All that day, he cried on his mother's chest calling her name until his voice disappeared. He still silently called for his mother and forever will. Later that night he made a decision. He was going to reunite with his beloved mother. As he took the same kitchen knife he incessantly stabbed his mother's assassin with he cried: "Oh dagger! Show me no mercy! Rip through my heart and liberate my soul to reunite with my mother..." And so, he lay motionless on his mother's yieldingly curvaceous body; blood staining his white night gown. Once again, silence conquered their home with a nightingale chirping merrily as mother and son lay in a pool of united blood. ...read more.

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