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Original writing - An adventure in the life of me!

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The adventure begins at 7:45 to the waking of, "Beep! Beep! Beep," the annoying and antagonizing tune of my alarm. I don't know what is worse, the alarm or the screech which invariably follows, "Get up, Michael. Your alarm went off hours ago, (my mother always exaggerates), and you've still those goats to do. I'm telling you, you'll be in your bed earlier to-night!" Last summer, being the sole guardian of two lively goats seemed such a good idea. I felt like a real farmer paring their feet, de-lousing them, mending the fence, milking them night and morning and distributing the healthy milk to ailing children in the neighbourhood. Someone has said, "It is more blessed to give than receive," and I found that to be the case. It gave me a feeling of real worth being of assistance to my fellowman. However at 7.30 am with the blankets over my head and in a nice warm bed, the goats didn't seem like such a good idea after all. On getting out of bed, the first task in my adventure is to find a clean white shirt and I can tell you that it is not easy in my bedroom. I'm out of breath getting to the door after hiking over mountains of dirty clothes on the floor. ...read more.


The saga of finding a clean white shirt began again as I deposited an orange one in the laundry basket. That happened to be the morning I missed the bus! I would leave the house around 8:30am on a good day and 8:45am on a very bad day (unfortunately quite common). The bus usually comes around 8:55 but being as reliable as bus drivers are, it could be between 8:45am or 9:15am. I enjoy school and since my trip to rural central Africa, appreciate more the opportunity available to me to have a good education. The crack is good with my friends, lessons are endured some easier than others, but I enjoy lunchtime in the cafeteria where there is a great selection of appetising meals to choose from. Being a creature of refined taste, I select baked beans with every meal I choose, every day! This tendency I must have inherited from my dad, who apparently ate baked beans daily until he was violently sick one day, and now he wouldn't tolerate a baked bean at the same table as him! The bus gets me home for 4.00pm. There's nothing I like to see more parked out in the driveway than a blue Pasatt indicating that my sister and two nephews are visiting. ...read more.


Three ouch! There's just time for one last fling outside before bedtime. Quite recently I discovered my childhood dream - my go-kart. I loved that thing. I used to reverse in it, speed up the roads on it, pretend I was the police or a taxi service. I really enjoyed it. Now I just ride around the grounds gathering up as much speed on the hills as possible and play dodge the cats. At other times if I have the energy I lunge Alfie, a horse I share with my sister. I do the lunging and cleaning out and she does the riding. This arrangement suits me as it allows me to work with animals I love without too much commitment. Bed at last but not quite time to sleep. Now is the chance to read for pleasure. I have just finished the Harry Potter books and the books by Dave Pelzer. The Dave Pelzer books are about child abuse. They are a really good read, very disturbing in places but it is important to know what can be happening in someone's life. As Richard Steele truly said "Reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body." Just before my head hits the pillow I read my bible and say my prayers. Finally I close my eyes content in the knowledge of a day well spent and allow myself to fly away on my dreams with the world beneath my feet. Michael Mawhinney ...read more.

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