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Original writing - Autobiography

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ORIGINAL WRITING (OW) AUTOBIOGRAPHY The earliest memory I can remember was when I was about 4 years old, a few days after my birthday I fell off a wall in the middle of the street down town and cut my chin open, I was bleeding loads and lucky my mum had some antibacterial wipes in her bag and put it on my chin. She then took me to hospital and we was waiting for a long time and then a nurse said my name and we went into this room and I had a needle in my arm, I fell asleep and then I woke up and then I felt my chin and it was rough. We went home and she said I was clumsy and should be careful, I said to her "it's mended now", I was only little so I didn't know what to say, but I did get a lot of sweets and my favourite drink. The other memory I can remember was when I was 6 years old I fell over in the back garden, my brother pushed me and I fell over my dog beadle because he was behind me, I went in to my mum and I said the back of my head hurts, she looked at my head, and she said to my dad it would need stitches, I was took to hospital, I ...read more.


My mum had a red face, they asked her to sign the paper's to say that they have visited and she refuses to get anymore help from the social services, she then threw the pen that they gave to her at one of there legs and they went running towards the door and they said they will come back at a later date when everything had calmed down and got back to normal. They went running to there car and drove off at speed. The teacher come round and my mum told her everything that had happened, but what my mum didn't know was that it was this teacher that had got them to come round in the first place and the teacher didn't say anything about who got them to come round. The teacher just wanted to know if everything will be alright now that it had passed over and it had got back to normal, my mum said to her "it is far from over, this is just the beginning of things". The teacher went and I was going back to school, the teacher just ignored what was going on and it all just passed over, everything had gone back to normal. I was enjoying the rest of school and no-one said anything else about it. ...read more.


Two weeks later and Stacey, Carlene's best friend told me that Carlene wanted me to write a letter on my computer so that they could reply and no-one would be able to read it, or so I thought, after 3 or 4 weeks of replying to each other this letter come to an end and then some-one managed to get onto my file and they sent it all around the school by email, everyone got a copy of it and I was more embarrassed than usual, especially when everyone read it and I was the most biggest laughing stock of the school for a week, I tried to get the teacher to tell them off, but they did nothing about it. Carlene spoke to me and she just told me to delete it, I deleted it from my computer but I still have a copy on Floppy disk, Carlene doesn't know that I still have a copy of it, only the friends that I trust still know that I still have it. No-one else has said anything since when I deleted it from my computer because they can't get a copy of the letter anymore. It has been alright ever since, I am enjoying the rest of school and when I leave I will be even better especially when I have been completely humiliated in front of the whole school. ...read more.

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