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Original Writing - Building Houses.

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English Original Writing Coursework Philip Sutton 23rd June 2003 Building Houses There once lived three teenage girls who always liked to have a good time. They lived with their mother, a very old, fragile woman, who always liked to wear red. Once the three girls turned sixteen, the mother gave each of them �2000 to build their own house. The three girls were delighted and went out to buy their materials for their own houses and eventually have a house for the three of them to live in together. The first sister who was not bright went to buy sticks so she could build a house out of sticks. The second sister who was of moderate knowledge went out to buy wood so she could build her house out of wood. Lastly, the third sister who was the brightest of them all with an I.Q. of 150 went to buy some bricks so she could build her house out of bricks. ...read more.


said the first sister "At the bottom of the hill. The wolf will kill us." said the second sister. "Brilliant idea." the third sister said to the first sister. So they started building their houses at the bottom of the hill in which the wolf lived. A few days later the wolf set out for a nice day out on his own, when he saw the most outrageous sight at the bottom of the hill. He saw the three houses all next to each other and completely built. The wolf got to the bottom of the hill and went to the front door of the stick house. The front door opened and the first sister answered the door. She had the most terrifying experience seeing this big, hairy wolf outside her stick house. "What's up Wolf Face?" said the first sister. "Why is your house at the bottom of my hill?" screamed the wolf. "No reason, this part is not your hill!" ...read more.


He climbed up the brick house to the chimney and jumped down the smokey chimney. When he got down the chimney, he found himself sat in a fireplace with fire burning. He went red in the face and quickly climbed back up the chimney as quickly as he could. Whilst running he was sick and the two sisters appeared again from the wolf. The wolf never returned again. The third sister was laughing down below in her house. The two other sisters came storming in. "Beware the wolf is coming he ate me." said the second sister. "He blew my house down and ate me too." said the first sister. "I already know. I defeated him. He's gone." replied the third sister. "Hor ray. He's gone." said the second sister. "Let's celebrate." screamed the third sister. They all gathered some food and had a big feast with drinks in the third sister's brick house. They celebrated into the night with all these mouth watering foods, and all these tasty wines and spirits, never fearing for the wolf again. And they all lived happily ever after in the third sister's house. Or so they thought...... ...read more.

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