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Original writing by Raza Hassan

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RRRIIINNNGGG! RRRIIINNNGGG!!! Not again, this was the limit. RRRIIINNNGGG! I rolled out of bed, and hit the cold wooden floor of my temporary accommodation. I strolled half asleep to the phone, and picked it up, "Helloooo," I yawned down the phone. I had a very good idea of who might have woken me up, as early as it was. "Hi, honey, are you ok?" asked my wife Julie; confirming my suspicions. "I'm fine thanks dear, you had to call again, and you know I'm flying back in a couple of hours time." I sounded I annoyed, but I loved her deep down, and she knew it. "I was just calling to make sure you were ok and everything, oh well, now that I know, I am happy. Can't wait to see you, bye now," she said. "Bye," I replied, knowing that while I had been on this business trip, she had woken me every morning, and today would not be any different. I looked around at the room, and saw that for the last three days this had been my home. I had been living here in Boston; I had come here due to some business meeting. ...read more.


On the plane, my seat was next to a gorgeous blonde who eyed me, and I was about to say something saucy when, I realised I was married. I sat down next to her, on the left side of the alley, a seat away from the window. There was a lot of commotion, as people took their seats. Finally, the plane was hastily up the run way, I leaned my head back against the head rest, and was asleep in the warm cosy, comfortable plane. "WAKE U! GET UP! "I was wakened by shouting and something cold was at my throat, I realised as my eyes came into focus, it was a knife. The knife was more like a combat dagger, and the blood slipped like water out of my veins, my heart was as silent as a drum to a deaf person. I looked up, and saw the same dodgy person, who I had seen at the gateway. He has his balaclava, lowered, he was unshaven, had dark eyes, and looked threatening. I was terrified; he was the angel of death to someone who saw him as soon as they woke up. ...read more.


I was a kung-fu master, I ran up to him and in two moves he was on the floor. I took his gun, and realised it was fully loaded. I worked my way towards the cockpit of the plane, one of them came out at me, and I shot him down. Now it had come to, I was going to be saving my country, and the fear had been replaced by anger and confidence. Another came round, he fell to a kick to the head. I was onto the cockpit, and they were ready for me, they however were unarmed as it turned, but disarmed me quickly and got rid of my gun. I was left fighting one of them while the other started to bring the plane down. I finished the first, and knocked out the other one, and saw to my horror that the plane was heading, straight for the white house. I did my best to raise the rudder, but for us it was too late, but the white house was saved...... This was the last account of John Smith. He had given his life, and because of him the white house or another target of America had been saved. We hope that may his soul and those of so many others who died rest in peace. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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