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Original Writing Coursework

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I am legend- no really: my name is Legend Smith. I come from London. I am married with four children, quadruplets. I am a chief inspector. I am associated with truth and innocence. Perfect life. Or is it? Well actually, no. I am an Arsonist. I set fire to things for mere pleasure. But nobody knows; it is the sort of thing I do on a Friday night- for fun. I love seeing people suffer. The complete opposite of what my job asks of me. I love the sensation that sizzles through my veins; the bright yellow flame releasing smoke into the atmosphere. Friday the 5th of November, my first hit. Bonfire night. I have recently sent my family on holiday to Paris, this easily gaining myself space and privacy. The beautiful night sky was being lit up with elegant lights. The equivalent to a twisting, turning man-made rainbow. But little did everyone know that it would be infected with a virus. Black smoke. Which will soon cover the surrounding areas with thick ash. Prior to my attack, my heart pounded with excitement, just as it did when I graduated from University. Yet this. This was way out of its league. It felt as if my hair was negatively charged to my head, doing anything it could to try and separate its roots from my scalp. ...read more.


Have I been found out? I slammed the phone down. I sat amongst an awkward silence. The phone rang again, I ignored it. 'News update. Further evidence has been found on the fire that occurred on Friday the fifth of...' I switched the television off. Could this be it? What would I tell my family? I was shaking in shock. I was scared. I went to the bedroom in search of something to calm me down. Knocking suspended my search. It was the door. I peered out the bedroom window to find a tall mysterious figure standing at the door; he wore a long purple robe which hung above his ankles. His crooked nose held several piercings and his long hat covered his eyes. He wasn't wearing shoes; his feet were red with blisters. Who was he? 'Who is it?' I shouted politely from the window. The emotionless face shifted upwards, yet his eyes were still covered by his hat. His beard was rough with odd levels in length and his nose seemed to have been broken many times before, but was somehow being held together by the many studs in his nose. He raised his hands and signalled for me to go to him. I acted as if I didn't understand, ignoring the signal. ...read more.


My head was on the verge of exploding, then he let go, and returned to his sitting position. Who is this person? Could what he was saying really be true? Does he really know that much about me? About what I had done? How I killed the man who lay in peace below us? How I am living a lie? What does he want? 'Who are you?!' My voice was projected as a growl. 'What do you want with me? Are you going to kill me? How do you know so much about me? Are you going to tell anyone? Why do you watch me? And why did you say this one was very different? What do you mean? Please don't hurt me! I have a family, a wife with four children... 'Hush! You don't need so many answers. All I will tell you is why I am here, and what I will do to you if you don't make me happy!' His voice changed in tone, it became deeper and more threatening, he grabbed my neck and brought his face close enough to mine until we were touching noses.' You are a murderer. I am a witness. And I know where your corpse is right now. So let's cut to the point. I am here to propose to you an offer. Life in prison and loss of all status and even family. Or. You work for me...' ?? ?? ?? ?? The Arsonist ...read more.

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