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Original Writing Coursework

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Original Writing: Lost in the Darkness He saw a flicker of movement a hundred yards up the deserted city road. It was hard to see, the moon being the only source of light, but Tom was pretty sure it was a German soldier. Moving forward swiftly, he swore under his breath as he slipped in a small hole in the ground, undoubtedly caused by last week's bombing. The sound of his voice carried painfully far in the dead of the silent night. Tom winced, expecting wailing of the alarm bell to be his death call. He was lucky, as the only sound greeting him was the eerie calls of owls, crying to each other across the city. It was a bitter black night in Picardie. The northern-French town had been left battered, bruised and in tears after the impact of the German advance. They called it the 'Great War' at home, Tom thought to himself as he advanced further into the open, hoping to find somewhere to rest for the night. ...read more.


'Fat lot of good that is,' thought Tom, as he looked up into the dull intense clouds separating him from the luminosity of that one star which could have saved him. His breath turned to sluggish deep gasps as his muscles struggled to shift his body around the network of French alleyways. He collapsed and crawled into a doorway. 'If they find me here, so be it. I cannot run any further.' His head was spinning, and his feet were numb from the cold. 'I was never the sprinter. My mum always said that I should run now and again, just to make sure I could outrun the Germans. I thought she was joking, and I think she thought so too'. Tom started to panic. He could still hear the soldiers shouting orders to one another, obviously planning how they would torture him when they found him. He would not let that happen. ...read more.


He said, 'Look after this knife my boy, it might save your life someday.' A tear came to Tom's eye as he remembered his real life, a million miles away. He could not take it any longer. With the end of the lethal blade pointing straight at his own heart, he thrust it in to his body. His face was screwed up with pain as he thought to himself, 'I died a noble death, I never surrendered to the enemy.' The spark of fire in his eye slowly faded. The silhouette advanced a few paces and he gasped as he saw the body of Tom. 'Hey Andy, there is a dead body here!' shouted the British soldier. 'My God, it's one of our own. Hey Andy, get down here!' A second British soldier with a ghostly white face appeared. The newcomer said, 'Well, it looks like there's been a struggle. He must have been fighting several Germans at once for a Hun to kill a British soldier in a knife fight. 'Aye', replied the first, 'Looks like he died a noble death.' ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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