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Original Writing Coursework

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Original Writing Coursework Chicago is in the North-east part of the United States of America. Stepping into the snazzy baggage area of Chicago airport, the first thing I notice is just how grand everything is. And for the first time in my life I see a pizza vending machine, how awesome is that? As I glance around I can see that everybody, even the people who work here, have a smile on their face and actually look as though they are having a superb time. As my eyes dart around the baggage area I see the rather large taxi line, I quickly sprint to the back of the ginormous queue. As I gaze around I notice a pearlescent red Ford Mustang GT500 I suddenly jump back to life, as I stare anxiously at the car I think to myself what car will we be hiring out for the week. The taxi eventually after a life threatening drive drops my family and I at the rental car services. As I observe all the cars parked up I notice that all of them are huge gas guzzlers but I suppose that is America Suddenly I hear this sound, it sounds insanely loud I wonder what it is? ...read more.


So I and my dad just keep arguing back with him in a joking fashion. I ask if I can go inside and play with Elliot on the pc and show him my computer skills he laughs and I laugh too. I sit down next to Elliot and I yell in an American impersonation voice "Was sup Dude". It makes him roll on the floor with laughter. He then asks me if I want to give him a game on Counter Strike Source, so I say "Hey Why not" we have a quick couple of games and then I look at the time and it is five o'clock. I hurry downstairs to my parents and tell them the time they don't really seem very interested, they seem more interested in talking about the currency exchange rates. I decide to raise my voice a slight fraction so they can hear me a bit better. They finally heard me thank God so I tell them about the time and then my dad says in a questioning voice "do you want to go to watch a baseball match Chicago White Sox versus Yankees?" ...read more.


At this time it is about nine o'clock and we are all really tired but as we park in the Macy's car park I ask "so where is Macy's?" Because it doesn't look like there are any shops here. And then he points out this huge building with a huge Macy's sign, I feel very stupid. The building is enormous it is about the same size as Harrods. I am very shocked at the size of it because I suspected that it would just be like our Broad Marsh Shopping Centre. By the time have finished shopping it is nearly twelve o'clock and the shopping centre is just about to close. We all rush out and then I remind my dad about the flight tomorrow to Mexico because we only came to Chicago to see my dad's friend and do some shopping but to be honest I think I would prefer to stay here in Chicago then in Mexico. So it seems as though my time here with my family and friends has come to a end and so I must say "God bless America". ?? ?? ?? ?? By Mason Soiza ...read more.

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