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Original Writing Coursework: An Out Of Body Experience.

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Original Writing Coursework: An Out Of Body Experience. Final Draft. Helen Greenham. The screeching of tyres, the blast of the hooter, the glare of the headlights, then pain; searing through my body, then I felt as if I was flying through the air, until I fell. Smack! My head hit the kerb. Then everything went black. I couldn't move, speak or feel ant pain. I could hear a woman's voice screaming hysterically at a man who I assumed to be her husband. The man shouted at her to phone for an ambulance. Then I could hear him, close to my side, squeezing my hand, apologising and begging me to stay with him, telling me over and over again that an ambulance was on it's way. I heard sirens wailing away in the distance, getting gradually closer. The rest was a blur. I felt nothing. It was just as if I was asleep. I now know that I was rushed to hospital by ambulance, where I was rushed into casualty where a life - support and a blood transfusion was set up. ...read more.


He had a sort of glow around him. His robes were of the same colour as the light. He called out my name and gestured me to go to him. He told me he wanted to show me something. We started to walk together, although I could feel no solid ground beneath my feet. As we walked, there was silence. There were so many questions I wanted to ask but I couldn't find the words. Soon we came to a gate. It swung open. What lay before me took my breath away, for I'd never seen such beauty! There were rolling hills in the distance, covered in beautiful, luscious green grass. Gently sloping green fields. Beautiful flowers, perfectly made, bright colours, species I'd never seen before! There was a river and it was crystal clear with gravel on the bottom. The sky was so blue and clear. A man walked towards me wearing white robes. As he came closer, I could see it was my colleague, PC Mark Collins, this can't be right, I thought, he died last year in a fire. ...read more.


To see my family so inconsolable, I wanted to go back for their sake, but when I looked around at the beauty before me, I wanted to stay. It must've been written all over my face. "Now that you have seen me and believe in me, I can guarantee you a place in God's kingdom, for when the time is right, you will return and join me on that day in paradise." His words stuck in my mind, an everlasting echo; I will never forget them. I started to walk back to the tunnel. I started walking down the tunnel, until I was flying down and down faster and faster until I burst back through the ceiling and being drawn back into my body. My life has completely changed now. I realised how I'd taken my family for granted and dedicated my whole life to my work. I'm still committed to my work, although I devote all my spare time to my husband and daughter. I've since got promotion. I'm now a Detective Sergeant. I'm no longer afraid of death. Throughout my whole experience I didn't once fell any pain or fear. It's an experience I'll never forget, so long as I live. ...read more.

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