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Original Writing Coursework - Auschwitz

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Original Writing Coursework - Auschwitz A piercing scream tore through the frosty November air. Eliora Abkowicz awoke with a violent start, as she did most days, but quickly realised that it was merely the dawn experiment. Relief flooded through her - another morning and she was still alive, she had not been selected for murder. Sinking back onto the rotting wooden planks, she glanced around the small room. Four stone walls, a frozen floor, a tightly shut door with only a minuscule amount of light filtering through a gap in it. Beside her, five bodies, little more than skeletons, living corpses, alive but merely shells of human beings. Elli was simply another of them, emaciated and decayed, death upon them all like a hellish shadow. 'Four weeks in this She'ol, four weeks of utter torture.' Elli thought back to her former life, how far away it seemed now. Oh, the freedom, the peace, the serenity! But that had all changed when the men came to the blissful cottage. They had seized her whole family, packed them into a truck, and taken them to the train station. All five of them pushed into a carriage and transported to a living hell. In Elli's head, she could still picture the long queue of people: Jews, communists, criminals and many others. The rumour that to the left was certain death, not showers, was tossed about from family to family. Finally, the Abkowiczes reached the man with the cane. "You!" he barked at Sari in a sharp German tongue, "The left!" His cane flicked in that direction and a fearful Sari shuffled over. Elli watched as her beloved sister was marched through a dim doorway. Her grandfather, serious and intelligent Isaiah, was also taken to the left, being roughly shoved by lumbering SS guards. "You three, the right," the man said with a smirk on his face, and it was done. ...read more.


Mengele noiselessly picked her limp body up and slung it over his shoulder. He began to feel very excited; anticipation of what would happen to Ana was almost too much. As he left the room, he whistled a merry tune, experiencing great pleasure when he stepped over a heap of bodies near the doorway. Elli wandered along the corridor, or rather the tunnel, glancing at everyone. She had not seen her little friend Ana for days and feared the worst. Everybody she asked could not recollect whether they had noticed her or not. Frustration was overcoming her, emotions ravaging her. 'Why?' she silently demanded, tears starting to emerge from her eyes. It was getting hard to cope with all the burdens and ordeals she had to endure, from working for twenty hours a day to caring for her stricken mother. 'Are seventeen year olds meant to feel like this?' she pondered, before tripping over a moaning girl. She was aged about fourteen, fifteen perhaps, and had a swollen stomach, marked with crimson streaks. Her breathing was ragged, her eyes dilated and watering. Elli crouched and took the hand of the distressed child. She did not understand how she could be so fat; the current food rations were a meagre amount of bread and soup every five or six days and a drop or two of water every other day. However, her face was gaunt, her body showing the signs of malnutrition, not of obesity. "Help me, my baby is coming!" the girl screamed in Russian, confusing Elli, who spoke very little Russian. She was unsure of whether she was shouting about a baby or some sort of ache. She looked round for somebody to help her, somebody to understand what to do in this difficult situation. Elli turned back to the young woman and was shocked to see a baby emerging, along with a huge amount of blood. ...read more.


"Do as I say and you live, freak," he told her, pulling his uniform off. "What are you...no!" she cried as he held her down, her face pushed into a murky puddle. She could not scream, only wait and hope that her experience would be brief. After a few seconds, Elli managed to get her face out of the water; breath was like a surge of energy for her. She searched with her eyes for something to hit or poke her tormentor with, to get some sort of advantage over him. As she looked to the left, she saw her new best friend: his loaded gun, carelessly cast away. Her arm slowly lengthened and grabbed it, resulting in another powerful energy surge. She leapt up and aimed the revolver at Burgen's head, smiling for the first time in weeks. Finally she had power: she could do what she liked temporarily without interference. 'But what do I want to do?' she found herself wondering. "Please, don't shoot!" he whimpered, the strong, supreme man transforming into a scared, cowering little boy, naked in the dirty snow. Elli could not shoot anyway; cold-bloodedness was not a trait that she possessed. "Get up and do as I say!" she ordered, holding the weapon at the back of his neck once he was standing. She marched him along the filthy path, wishing she could rest as snowflakes began to drift from the darkening sky. It was not a time for rest though, so she kept at her walk, concentrating on the movement to numb her emotions. At last, they reached the immense yard, where Himmler was being lead around by simpering officers. The rank stench of blood and suffering filled Elli's nostrils, nauseating her beyond belief. She placed her bony finger on the trigger and pulled with all her might. The shot rung out, a deafening sound of death, forcing every single person to look around at the scrawny, unclothed girl standing over the bleeding form. Elli yelled, a cry of contempt and joy, then put the gun to her bruised head. It was over. ...read more.

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