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Original Writing Coursework - The Old House.

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GCSE Original Writing Coursework - The Old House I did not think that anything would happen. We were just messing about, Robert and I. As usual, Robert met me at my house and we walked to school. He hated school and often skipped it. He was much more adventurous than me, as he usually missed over two weeks a month where as I preferred a couple of days. Anyway, we were taking a different route to school today, as Robert assured me it was a shortcut. Later, I knew this was a trick. Now, the way we were going was through an alley, past a few houses and we were almost at school. All houses look alike to me but I could not help noticing the difference in this one. I could tell from the start this was an empty house. It looked as if there had been a fire as most of it had fallen to pieces! "Lets skip school and explore the house," Robert suddenly said. "I was talking to Dan the other day, in fact he bet me a fiver to go in there and you're my witness!" ...read more.


"Arggggggggh!!!" we both shouted. "Oh no! the doors locked as well!" I said banging at the door. We both spun around, was that a scream? From out of the shadows rushed Dan and one of his friends, John. We couldn't see each other and those two crashed into us. "What are you doing here Dan!" Robert jumped to his feet. "You mean, what are YOU doing here!" Dan got up. "We agreed yesterday that I was to come here and see if it was haunted - not you!" "Oh... you sure it was you who was meant to come here? I thought we agreed to us coming..." "It doesn't matter now, we're all trapped in this stupid house and it's all your fault!" I said to both of them. "Lets just find another way out of here!" "Yeah, well that would be easier if this place wasn't haunted!" John chipped in. "You mean it wasn't YOU that did those voices just now?" Robert shouted! "It...it wasn't you either?" replied Dan. "So we're trapped in a ghost-infested house? ...read more.


"You what?" Then, he turned and walked into the darkness and I heard a sound. A sound like someone was being punched. "Rob...?" I called out. And suddenly, Dan was thrown out of the shadows and landed at my feet. "Ouch!" he cried. Almost as soon as Dan had been knocked down, so was John. "What are you two playing at down there?" I asked. "Being morons actually," said Robert, walking out of the shadows again. "Huh?" "That voice we heard was them trying to frighten us. They were using that loudspeaker of mine I let John borrow. The one where you can change the sound of your voice?" "But why did you do it?" I asked. "I don't like to lose bets," Dan replied. "Well, you lost this one!" snapped Robert and delved quickly into Dan's pockets, bringing out a ten-pound note. "This should do nicely. Come on Tom, let's go". Off we went, through the window (good thing we were downstairs) and walked down the street to the arcade. "How long did you know they were playing us for fools," I asked. "For most of the time," he answered. "And you didn't tell me?" "Nah, didn't need to, I had everything under control". "Are you sure...?" "Positive," he smiled. ...read more.

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