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Original Writing - first day at school

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Original Writing - first day at school Memory One "Hello, Emily. Do you want to come upstairs? Follow me." I obediently followed the strange man up the stairs, turning nervously to wave to my mum. She smiled encouragingly and waved back. "You'll be fine," she mouthed. "Please let me be liked." I wished with all my heart. "Please don't let any one bully me." We walked swiftly along a corridor, classrooms on either side, turned a corner and entered a large classroom. I stared around, bewildered. None of the classrooms were as big as this in my junior school in Milton Keynes! "You can sit over there," the man said. I sat down and looked at the teacher. He started to talk about how long he had been at the school. He was balding, and what little hair he had left was grey; he also had a grey beard. I hoped his personality wasn't grey too. I looked down at the graffiti-covered desks. They were the sort that the Victorians had, so the lift-up lids creaked but at least you had your own space to put things. "So, Emily, tell me something about yourself." ...read more.


Sorry, I'm nattering about nothing! So you like horses? I kind of do." Caley spoke to me, her voice bubbly and reassuring, her eyes sparkling. So maybe I had been wrong about her. I was taken aback by her, as she was not what I had been expecting, and it took me a while to realise I was supposed to answer her. "Uh...Yeah I ride," I answered nervously. "So," Leanne piped up, "I'm Leanne, but call me Lenny 'coz I hate the name Leanne. Seen any guys you like yet?" "Don't be silly Lenny, Emily has only just got here and you're already bugging her about boys!" Caley stopped me from answering, but spoke with good humour to Lenny. "No, it's OK," I said, more confident now, "he's kind of OK." I pointed at the blonde. "Matt, he's cool. We'll have to get you two together. He has noticed you and when Matthew Smith notices you it means he wants to get to know you more!" Lenny said excitedly. Caley sighed and shook her head, laughing. I smiled, wondering why I had ever worried and feeling slightly guilty that I had misjudged her. ...read more.


"Go for it." I leaned forward, urging him on and giving him his head. It felt like we were eagles soaring through the sky. I had never gone so fast in my life. As soon as we returned to the stables, I vaulted off Conker's back and threw my arms around his neck, giving him a kiss at the same time. He nuzzled my pockets for food and whickered at me. I laughed; fishing out a carrot and letting his velvety lips take it from my hand. "Come on then, lets put you to bed for a well-earned rest." I had been wrong about him after all. Both of these memories show a person experiencing anxiety and worrying about something - the first day at school and the first time riding Conker - that in the end turns out to be perfectly fine, and the person actually enjoys the new experiences. These anxieties and worries often occur in everyday life, and I have learnt not to let fear of the unknown - which often is all that it is - stop me from doing something. These memories also show that appearances can be deceptive and it is best to be open minded and objective, rather than worrying about each new experience before it arrives. ...read more.

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