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Original Writing - Haunted Hotel

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It was my last day in school before the summer holidays, I was really excited. As the bell rang I rushed out of the door but I suddenly realized I had detention, which I had forgotten in all the excitement, I had detention with my English teacher. So I had to go back to class. All my excitement was vanished in seconds. So I went back to class, attended my detention and went home. There was no one at the bus stop except one girl standing next to me. I was alone there. I was thinking of something when suddenly bus came and I jumped in the bus and traveled home. It was a long boring day for me but I was really excited too because it was the last of school. When I went home I got changed and sat down to watch TV, my mum told me that we have a wedding to go to tomorrow so I should be ready early in the morning. ...read more.


I didn't want to talk about what happened in the past over here. So we all started giggling about, laughing and messing about. We were having a great time. My cousin wanted to go the toilet, he was about to go when I went after him because I knew there was something strange about this hotel so it was better not letting him go by himself. As we went in it was really dark and pitch black, we could rarely see each others faces. My cousin told me to turn on the light but I didn't know where the switch was. It was damn hard to look for the switch in pitch black and a place where your life is at risk. As I was looking for the switch I heard some strange noises from other rooms. ...read more.


When I went to the car park, I was talking to my cousin who was right next to me, as I was talking to him, I realized that someone was standing on hotels balcony. As I looked I was stunned, my eyes saw a man who was exactly like me. I was horrified. Suddenly my heart stopped pumping. My cousin got even more scared. I had no Idea what to do so I mumbled into my cousin's ear that we should not tell anyone, because if we do all the people in the hotel are going to get alarmed and they are going to run away. So I told him that it's better not to tell anyone and quietly go from there and hide from view so he can't see us. We went from there and he hided behind the cars and stared staring at him secretly. He was just standing there doing nothing. After few minutes he disappeared. ...read more.

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