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Original Writing - Homeless

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Original Writing Homeless Alan marched in my room and grabbed me. He slapped me straight across my face. Now I had a stinging cut, gushing with blood on my forehead. With that Alan left me alone crying in my room. He knew the pain he was causing me, that's why he hurt me even more. I was battered and could already feel the bruises on my arms. The cut across my forehead wasn't deep but it stung. I have to get out of this place it's driving me mad, I've got to find away of getting out, but how? I wiped my tears away from my eyes; the blood ran down my face, I went over to my dressing table and patched up my face. I got changed into my nightclothes and quickly climbed into bed before anyone heard me. I heard mum come in from work. Straight away her and Alan began arguing, what a surprise it was over me. Alan was saying that I was a little cow and needed teaching a lesson and he was the one to sort me out, yeah right. I was so scared that Alan would come upstairs and begin hurting me again. I don't think I could take any more of this. The shouting stopped, someone was coming upstairs and coming across the landing, Oh no! They were heading to my room. My heart jumped into my mouth, as the handle slowly began to go down, they were coming in. I quickly screwed up my eyes and pretended to be asleep. ...read more.


I walked for a bit as it gradually became dark, the cold numbed my body and I couldn't feel my feet. I found a doorway and sat down, I got out my roll which was a sleeping bag and a rucksack. I pulled it close to my body. It was so cold my body became all iced up. I was so stiff I couldn't move and because I couldn't move I couldn't sleep. I decided to go for a walk. I walked for ages then decided to have another go at going to sleep. I got to sleep, for a while anyway, not long though, the cold seemed to have an effect on me, I was numb and my head was spinning. For the first time in my life I watched the sun rise, it was a beautiful site. I had a little money but not much, so I decided to go and have a coffee to warm me up. The night before had been hard; I don't think I've ever spent a night without being in a warm bed, having no sleep makes you very weak and tired. I walked past a lad. He asked me if I had any spare change for the homeless, I hadn't thought about it before but I guess, come to think about it, that's what I was the homeless. This shocked me; I sat down on a bench to calm myself down. I got myself in a place where I could watch him, I watched him all day. ...read more.


He came out about ten minutes after me. All day we did what we had done the day before begged for money. I decided I would go and sit down. I huddled myself up in a corner and begged as people walked by. I must have fallen asleep because I can't remember anything else. It was so cold I couldn't feel anything any more my hands, my feet, my fingers what was I to do? All I could see was the sun shining down on my face and running in a field to my mum. It was one of those days that you cannot describe no matter what. I awoke suddenly. It was beginning to get dark; I scanned around for Mouldy, but he was nowhere to be seen. I began to panic but then thought it wasn't so bad. I wish I were back with my mum, on a field playing games with the sun blazing down. I miss her, what would I give to be with her, everything. Then suddenly I was startled by a voice saying now then what have we here. Looking up seeing two policemen, frightened and a little bewildered I said hello. They asked how old I was, "17" I replied hoping they would go away and leave me. " I don't think so lovely "said the policeman. "We've been looking for you". They helped me to my feet and said they were taking me to the local police station to reunite me with mum. Shy was waiting for me. Apparently mum had read my letter, called the police and had Alan arrested who confessed to what he had done. What a relief! Mum, whatever you do or say, I'll always love you no matter what! ...read more.

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