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Original writing - It was a hot sunny day in late August.....

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Original writing coursework It was a hot sunny day in late August in the north of London. Just an ordinary school day really. 2 friends and myself walked towards our school. The girl in the middle, Nicole was a very loud girl who liked to have a rude attitude towards people. I think she is strong emotionally and physically. She had long fair ginger hair, small brown eyes and very dark tanned skin. I was best friends with her at the time and we did everything together. People even said 'we look and act like sisters'. Like glue really! The girl on the right was Sarah. Usually a very quiet girl but bright and Bubbly around close friends. In my eyes she was a very pretty girl with a lovely, sweet personality. She had brown curly hair which she usually wore up in a pony tail. ...read more.


Their faces went bright red of anger. I did not understand why they became so angry about the comments made by Tania. It felt like there was a history between Tania, Nicole and Sarah. But as far as I know there not even friends. Tania's opinions did not matter to me but Nicole and Sarah were so angry about it. I even hastily tried to calm both girls down but they kept saying: 'She has no right saying this, I am going to get my revenge...' At that point I too was influenced to feel angry as well but I still thought the situation was being exaggerated out of proportion. In the last lesson all three of us schemed to confront Tania and possibly even beat her up. Time got closer till the end of the lesson and I kept wondering whether or not this was the right decision to do this. I didn't even think that would affect her emotionally. ...read more.


Nicole and Sarah just had big smiles on their face. To make me look cool I started kicking her but it didn't feel right. By every kick my guilt seemed to rise in me. It came to a point were I just stopped and knew this was not right and pulled my friends away. Both pulled their faces but walked away. In the mean time Tania had run away to hide. After this incident I knew bullying is cruel. I saw Tania the next day, when I looked at her she had a face white as snow and looked very scared. A week later I found out that she had left the school. I decided to see her in her house to apologise because I felt so guilty about what I had done. She accepted my apology but did not want anything to do with me because I broke her confidence in herself and she didn't feel secure anymore. I swore to myself not to do anything like that again. Renee de Neve 10G ...read more.

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