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Original Writing: Mid-term Break

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English Coursework: Mid-term Break Ali Shairshah 11.9 Ms. Comer GCSE "Seamus! Pass us over that glue stick!" I heard being clattered in my ear, as everyone in the class was messing around. "Seamus Hurry!" "Ok here you go". The climate wasn't great. I stared at the downpour beating the windows as they ran down them like tears. All I could hear was rumpus being traumatized in my ears as I sat there in world-weariness. The atmosphere in the class was stimulating, as everyone was getting prepared to witness my mates "GLUMINATOR"; which my mate spent decade's to build. I could sense something erroneous about to happen, as I could perceive a sound of someone coming to our class, then just as my mates were scheduling to fire the "GLUEMINATOR!"... BOOM the glue-stick fell of the propeller upsetting everyone's tone as they were about to discharge it on Mr. Thomason; who we were expecting him to come in and give us all abysmal homework. Lucky for us the noise I was perceiving was a supply educator, who came in to instruct us which cheered a few people up, well they needed it because of the fact that the "dreadful "climate was in full throttle, and ...read more.


I truly started to be concerned, what's happened? I kept thinking has someone "bitten the dust". We were on the M1 as was arranged, my eyes had observe a lot of black roses which really subordinated the atmosphere in and around the car, because I often see red roses; but the weather was horrifying and I was seeing black roses... I sought to query my neighbour on what was going on but she was in a downhearted mood. The weather conditions and everything around it wasn't great, even the vibe around the car. I didn't hear a squeak from my neighbor throughout the whole journey apart from, "I'm sorry Seamus" I was wondering what could she be sorry for? We came to our boulevard as crowds in black dressings were flocking to my residence...BANG it hit me; I knew what was going on, it was like this was planned for me with all the things that happened. We arrived at my house, commiserations were all around. Tears squirted from my eyes. I stumbled towards my front yard and I was put ill at ease by old men standing up to shake my hand and saying "sorry for my trouble", whispers informed strangers "I was the eldest". ...read more.


I woke...It was a nightmare I was convinced that my mum was telling the reality. It was a dreadful day; the tone was so ghastly because of the disaster. I was well-versed by my mother that the ambulance had arrived with the cadaver, 'stanched and bandaged by the nurses', yesterday in the hours of darkness. I remember going to see him; I had to wear a black suite. I saw him the first time in 'six weeks' in his space, garlanded with flowers and white candles and toys everything that a little boy would like to encompass with him. I was so wretched when I saw him in the coffin; it was the first person I had seen in a coffin with a 'poppy bruise in his temple'. It was hard for me to say goodbye to my dearest, but I managed it and I plead to God that he would have a great after-life where there will be candles and snowdrops everywhere. The atmosphere was like the atmosphere when I had visited the burial ground at school; very disheartening, with everyone containing an expression of grief. It was the first time I've seen him in 'six weeks' and now the last. He rested there in a "four foot box....a foot for every year", my dearest brother. ...read more.

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