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Original writing- My Decision about a Scary Ride

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My Decision about a Scary Ride As we entered the gigantic theme park on a lovely summer day a voice from behind us shouted, "STOP!" We quickly turned around like spinning machines and we saw a 6 foot tall security guard running toward us like fast cheetah, his face was red like a rosy red tomato and it looked like his hat was going to fall off. I got a bit nervous because he was running towards us like we had just killed someone. I turned around and looked at Alisha and I saw that she was looking down with embarrassment, then I looked around me and I saw that everyone was staring at us like we had committed some sort of crime. "Girls you have forgotten your tickets" the security guard said. I felt so relieved that I let out a big sigh, like I had just ran a marathon, and Alisha and I started to laugh. After that we got our tickets from the security guard and headed towards the first ride which was called Space Invaders. When we got to the Space Invaders I could smell the horrible smell of oil, which smelt like a leaking gas, which made me feel a bit sick. ...read more.


better because it will give me a bit more time to think of a good excuse not to go on the ride. All of my mates were laughing and enjoying themselves but I was just stood there like a statue staring at the big scary ride that I had to go on. Sabah noticed that I was staring at the ride so she said, "Why are you staring at that ride?" "Are you scared or something?" and I mumbled under my breath like a noise from a distance "No, why would I be scared." Finally, it was our turn to sit on the Water Log. A big brown train splashing through the water like a sailing boat came in front of us and at the side of it said "The Water Log". It was written in big bold writing. We quickly jumped in to the train and the ride set off. Whilst it was going up my eyes were fixed on the big tall ride, like a hunter on its target. I was the only one out of our group that was not enjoying themself. I was concentrating so hard on the next ride I was going to go on that I did not even realise that the ride I was sat on was about to finish. ...read more.


and Alisha said, "The first time I went on a rollercoaster I was even scared." They all agreed with her. Then Aziza said, "Come on lets all of us go on this rollercoaster together." But I was still too scared to go on it. So they decided that if I didn't go on it they were not going to go on it either which made me feel a bit guilty, so I decided that I will go on the rollercoaster with them. When I got on to the rollercoaster, I grabbed the metal part of the seat belt which was freezing cold like ice. I tied it up and got the bar of the seat down. Then all of a sudden the ride started to go. I could hear people screaming and shouting like animals from behind me but I could not see anything because I decided to close my eyes. When we get to the top all my friends started saying "Open your eyes." So I opened my eyes and started screaming like a baby, but once it started going down the drop I really enjoyed myself. After the ride had stopped I enjoyed myself so much that I wanted to go on it again but unfortunately I couldn't because the ride had closed. I was not scared on a ride ever again. It's good to over come your fears. ...read more.

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