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Original Writing (Of Mice and Men Prologue)

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Original Writing 'Of Mice And Men' The sun set through the window of the bar. A girl with bouncing brown ringlets and yellow feathers in her hair and deep blood red lips was set on a bar stool talking to the bar tender, "I tell ya what Tony, one day I'ma be somethin', you just watch. I ain't selliin you no baloney. I'ma go into town, get outta this hell hole and make something of myself. I wasn't born to be a nobody singin' in a bar every night that's for sure, I'ma make it big Tony. I'ma be in the pictures one day." "You need to stop dreamin kid. It ain't gonna get you nowhere just broken hearted. We all have our hopes an' dreams, but nothin' ever happens. You best go get ready now, you're on in five." The girl was barely 16 in her bright blue eyes, but was looking more than 25 in her low cut sparkling sun yellow dress. She shuffled off her bar stool to the stage where she stood in front of her microphone facing the audience of big burly men shouting at each other, playing card games, and drinking ale. The man on the piano started playing and the room went silent, all except one voice and a piano. ...read more.


doing kid, it could be a scam, you hear about this kinda stuff all of the time, guys pretendin' to be somethin' they ain't to take advantage of young girl like you." Lola stared at him, "Shut up Tony! What do you know? Just 'cuz you're goin' nowhere with your life don't mean you can try to ruin mine. I know you want me to stay here in this hell hole wit you 'cuz you got no chances but I ain't, you hear me? This is my chane, I'ma make it big Tony and then we'll see who was right!" The anger flared in the girl's eyes as she listened to the cruel words of her friend trying to ruin her dream. In anger and excitement she scribbled down her address and name and gave the paper to the man, "promise ya'll write, you better make sure you write to me now!" The man looked at the stressed girl and muttered before leaving the bar with the other man. The girl grabbed her coat and ran underneath the moonlight, all the way to her house. She flung open the door, "Ma'!" she cried towards the middle aged morose looking woman sat next to the fire rocking a cradle. The woman stared at her like she was mad as she told her the story of the men at the bar and how she was going to make something of herself. ...read more.


"You've had enough Lola," Tony said looking at the limp body sprawled across the bar, "you need to be getting off home." He looked around the room for help and saw a small man with coarse wire hair standing near the bar, "you couldn't give me a hand now could you?" He asked the stranger. The stranger looked at the girl and said "Sure. My name's Curley by the way. This girl looks dead!" He put his arm around the girl and Tony did the same, "NO!" she shouted, "No, I'm not going back there! Not a chance in hell am I goin' to go back!" The men looked at each other dumb strucken, "Say, my old man owns a ranch not too far away, why don't she come stay up there for a few nights until she gets herself sorted?" Tony didn't know what to say, "I suppose she'd be alright, I've heard good things about the boss up at the ranch in Soledad." The girl muttered a drunken plea, "Anythin' but that place", she said. The men took the girl outside and placed her on a strong horse. Curley then climbed up and set behind her. "Make sure she's alrigh'!" said Tony to Curley. Curley looked at Tony and smiled, "Oh don't you worry, she'll be fine, I can sure pack a punch to anyone that tries to hurt her" he grinned. Tony was reassured and waved him off. ...read more.

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