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Original Writing Peice, Year Ten GCSE.

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English Coursework Original - Writing Piece The Present Grasping my coat tighter I ventured further outside, further into bitter and harsh sleet, trudging through the slush of mud and ice that seemed to coat the surface, wondering...how much longer it will take. It seemed like a lifetime already. Gradually I emerged onto a road that was as desolate as the wilderness, I had no idea where I was or which way to go...I was lost and needed help. Counting my steps as I went I continued through the endless night, the gloomy and grim darkened night, where finally I stumbled upon my last hope...It was a phone box. The Past A couple of days earlier I was happily asleep in my room, dreaming of my next adventure, wondering if finally I would run my fingers through the black mess of hair, smell the comforting aroma of true warmth, feel the energy flow through me and press my lips against his. It was all I had ever dreamed of...and I wanted it more than anything. At about 4:30am I lifted myself out of bed, softly placing my feet on the floor and crept round the hallway to the bathroom, trying not to stir the beast from its slumber. In the bathroom I neatly set my clean clothes on the edge of the bath, got undressed and stepped into the shower. Standing, soaking wet, I wiped the water from my eyes and slowly dabbed myself dry with a towel that was soft to touch. I slipped into my comfortable clothes that were the usual black trousers and MCR shirt and headed on downstairs. I entered my kitchen and threw together a make shift, meat free meal. I felt a draft drift across my back, it gave me goosebumps and made most of my hair stand on end, it was the back door, wide open as if someone had come in. ...read more.


The rich girl who had supplied the money came into the kitchen where I was still in a traumatic state and she told me it was okay to be scared going to give such horrible powerful fiends what they wanted but I looked at her and told her that was not my concern, I asked her that if I told her the truth she would promise not to tell anyone, she promised. I told her the real story, she gasped and grabbed me, squeezing tightly, not letting go. I told her that when I went to get ready I would leave the money in the bathroom and put some clothes and food in the bag instead, she said I could take the money to buy myself out of it, but I refused knowing they would just take both. Men like these are greedy and seem to always get what they want, I guessed all attempts to out smart them would be futile and a waste of precious time, of which I had so little. I sat there in deep thought trying to block out all noise from the outside world of reality. Everyone came back in and joined us, they all had smiles on there faces, we had no reason to smile but forced some anyway, at least they hadn't found out. As I walked up the stairs everyone watched me, I ran into the bathroom emptied the bags contents and put in clothes and food, then I returned downstairs and bid the people Farwell. Just as I had got to the door Justin ran over and hugged me, he whispered in my ear, 'I cant imagine how scary this is for you but imp so grateful you brave enough to do this for her', I started crying and as he wiped my tears I told him I was sorry and I ran out of the door and down the road. ...read more.


Again I came to my feet and started walking, then I smelt gas, it was petrol which meant it would soon explode, I started running once again for my life and Justin looked up as the whole thing blew, all he saw was me running for my life and then he saw me being engulfed in flames, again he was screaming but the fire had not touched me but followed the petrol leak all around me, it was remarkable, it was beautiful, the orange walls raging around and filling me with another warm feeling, Justin watched in terror and listened, all that was to be heard was the roaring flame and the laughter of a young girl, it was the best I had ever felt, it hurt so much, being roasted alive, but it felt good on the inside. The sky bellowed and water fell, it fell hard and fast, completely extinguishing the fire and leaving me dancing in a black burnt circle laughing, the horror was over, Richard has perished in the explosion, April had a funeral arranged along all those bodies, they will be buried and I could go back to a warm house with a heroic welcome, I could walk in and be taken in like family, I would be safe, I continued laughing. Justin came running over and he caught me as I fell from exhaustion, and I just wrapped my arms around him, laughing and crying, I was so relieved and happy, then he picked me up and carried me home, maybe I'll finally get to enjoy my new home; hopefully anyway. We got home and we walked in the door, they flicked the lights on and they cheered and threw masses of confetti, it was such a victorious moment for us both, yet again, another perfect moment. I have never smiled so much in my life, I prayed for it to last forever, but then again, nothing ever does. ...read more.

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