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Original Writing - Perrinporth Beach

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Original Writing - Perrinporth Beach Perrinporth Beach in a Guide Book Entry In a small bay, a fifteen minute drive from the busy city of Truro, lies one of Cornwall's most beautifully serene beaches, Perrinporth. With its soft white sand, and safe, secluded feel, Perrinporth is the ideal destination for holidaymakers of all ages. It is situated by the town of Perrinporth, which can be reached by driving south along the B42 from Truro. Conveniently, there is a car park positioned a two minute walk from the beach. Once you have parked you can descend directly down the pedestrian walkway, which gradually slopes down to the beach; providing excellent access for anyone travelling with prams, wheelchairs, or large volumes of beach-equipment. Alternatively, the more adventurous among you can walk round to the left side of the beach, and descend the stairs set into the face of the cliff which, when the tide is high, will take you directly to the edge of the sea. Once you have reached the beach there is no end to the array of activities possible. The quaint "Surfs-Up Caf�," which is located on your right just before you reach the sand if you walk down the pedestrian walkway, offers somewhere to relax with a cup of coffee or a light meal; and, with its child-friendly atmosphere, it can be enjoyed by everyone. ...read more.


When Lauren looked down, the steps to the beach seemed more rocky and hazardous then usual, and for a brief moment she wondered if she should turn back. But, swiftly dismissing the thought, she steeled her nerves; and began the uneven descent to the beach. She went slowly at first, clutching desperately at the face of the cliff for support, occasionally dislodging a loose stone and sending it crashing into the bleak waters below. As she grew closer to the bottom, she began to speed up, longing to reach the comparative safety of the beach. Once there, she leant against the cliff, feeling the salty spray on her cheek, and turned her attention to the small, white caf� that lay at the top of the beach. It looked out of place; strangely unaffected by the ruthless winds that were disrupting the sand and the sea. Its blue shutters remained steadfastly still and it was bereft of the flurry of seagulls that usually surrounded it. The solitary seagull which had been on the beach let out a long, thin cry; and soared off into the distance - abandoning Lauren on the deserted sand. She watched it go with a strange sense of loss, and, when it had finally left her sight, she started to walk towards the caf�. The damp sand was clutching at her feet, and the wind was blowing her off course - trying to steer her away from the caf� and up the pavement to Perrinporth. ...read more.


We'd often see the post man's red truck, visiting the village, and we would always imagine what sort of news he was bringing to Perrinporth - hoping for some exciting mystery that we could help to solve. As the day continued other families joined us on the beach. Alex's older cousin would often bring down Lizzie and George, and set up her red sun umbrella half way down the beach. She sat in exactly the same place every time she came, positioned so that she could watch Lizzie and George without getting wet herself. On nice days visitors from outside the village came too, and the beach would be dotted with families enjoying the sun. The beach is utterly different now of course - completely overrun with tourists. They've built a caf� at the top of the beach, which might be a nice place if only it were less busy. It's got its own playground as well, wholly unnecessary if you ask me. When I was a boy the beach was playground enough - children don't seem to be able to amuse themselves anymore. Essentially the beach is still the same though. If you get down there early enough - before all the tourists have got there - you still get that same, secluded feel. I can still stand at the top of the beach, look out onto the horizon, and wander about all those territories that I never quite conquered. Word Count: 1800 words ...read more.

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