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Original Writing piece

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Year 9 GCSE Original Writing Piece This is amazing! I'm walking home from my first date, with a real guy! The food was great, the film was really funny, the house was warm, but it's getting late and mum is going to kill me. It was just so amazing, I just don't care. Everything was perfect, more or less. I mean my date is a lot older. He also has a slight reputation for being, a slightly dark character. Then again everyone makes a few mistakes. He doesn't mean any harm, unless he's angry or if he's upset. Sometimes if he's disappointed, annoyed and on occasion when he's happy. Anyway, the most important thing is that he wants me at the moment, and he's with me at the moment, and meaning no harm to me...at the moment. As I look up at him, I squeeze his arm and smile. He frowns. He frowns because he's disappointed in me. I didn't follow his rules again; I didn't have permission to touch him, let alone hug him. ...read more.


Is he going to teach me a lesson? Will he hurt me? What lesson will he teach me? Will it be another hit like last time, or will it be worse? What did he mean by young lady? He normally calls me a little girl, a child, not a young lady. A young lady is a beautiful woman, with a wonderful career, a loving partner and children. Children. To have children you have to... No. Whilst asking myself all these pointless, unhelpful questions (instead of concentrating on screaming) my so-called amazing date has dipped into his pocket. He holds it out... It's long, like the life I should've had It's sharp, like the cold expression on his face It's scary, like a violent dead-beat dad It glistens, like eyes that fill with my tears It's real, like the silence of death It's dark, like laughing in graveyards at midnight It's hard, like when you're head hits a footpath It's cold, like him when he fills me with fright It's being held by him like how a baby grasps its rattle and blanket - it's reflecting the face of a child or a soon-to-be young lady? ...read more.


His face is so close to mine all I can see is his eyes. Those eyes are glaring at me. I can see hell burning in them. His eyes reflect a nightmare that no girl (or woman) should ever have to go through. I'm dizzy from the pain as he pushes the knife harder into me. The blade slowly penetrating deeper into my body, causing my knees to collapse, and my whole body to drain what little strength it had. I'm slowly loosing consciousness, and feel unstable from bumps and bruises. You still don't want to do anything to save me? I'm not going to live, I'm scared. Although I won't feel much more pain, he still has the knife, its gradually getting deeper. Slowly teasing me as my life ticks and tocks away. He will still get what he wants whether in awake or unconscious, alive or dead, he'll still get what he wants. Sickening to know my fate, to know the way I will now die. No dignity. No pride. I have no power over him. I'm just a little girl. I'm so young. I'm crying. I'm going to die. You don't care... ...Why? ...read more.

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