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Original Writing - Prose: A life changing moment.

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A life changing moment. Blood splattered high on the walls from the force of the blows. Even though the screams of the two children had long since ceased, Linda kept stabbing and slashing, her breath rasping in her throat from the effort entailed, only as her strength began to wane and her mental state start to alter did she slowly become aware that she and the room were covered in nauseating, thick scarlet red blood and in the distance of her darkness she could hear the echoing wail of police sirens! She slumped back exhausted and began to sob, slowly at first, then like a torrential downpour. "How do you plead?" She barely heard the words, not even realising they were directed at her. "Miss Smith, How do you plead?" the judges voice boomed out over the courtroom, obviously irritated, he was not a man to be trifled with and besides he also had one eye on the courtroom clock, hoping to wrap up proceedings for the day rather quickly as he had an appointment on the first tee of his golf club at 2:30pm and there was quite a substantial sum of money riding on the outcome, not to mention bragging rights for some time to come! Linda snapped out of her trance "Not guilty" she muttered looking despondently at the floor. "So the court can hear you please Miss Smith." The judge's voice boomed out once again as he peered over his bespectacled nose and cursed his luck for drawing this particular case, today of all days! "Not guilty" Linda repeated, this time with much more conviction than she actually felt. As counsel began the convoluted twisting of this difficult case, Linda's troubled mind was already retracing the events prior to the incident, trying to make sense of it all. "Mum, mummy, mum" a small voice whined continuously. "What sweetie?" Linda's eyes met with the child's, her face was cheerful. ...read more.


happened, something so bad it made her do it, she was so happy before that, no matter what anyone said she was happy. The rain was falling heavily, leaving small water droplets on Linda's window in the surgery. She was waiting for her next patient to come in; she was getting a bit irritated, she had already had her insurance company on the phone that morning saying that she was behind with her payments even though she wasn't and then her television had been pushed over by Jake which had made things ten times worse because she might not have insurance anymore to reimburse her for it, she needed to get home and sort it out. The door opened and a hunched over old lady tottered in, she plonked herself on the chair and proceeded to complain about how long she's waited to be seen as she took of her shoes "I've got bad toes." Linda could have thrown up, her toe nails looked like they hadn't been cut in twenty years, one of them was even missing, and her feet smelt like something had died. "I'll give them a trim for you." "You cant trim my toes!!" "Not your toes Miss Jenkins your..." The woman didn't give her chance to finish, she grabbed her things and left, holding her shoes in her hands. "Some people." Linda shook her head and continued to gather her things to go home, as she did the door flew open and her boss stormed in "What the hell are you playing at?" "Excuse me?" "I've got a scared old lady in my room claiming you threatened to chop her toes off, claiming you're a bad doctor and that she's going to get you struck off, HOW THE HELL AM I MEANT TO COPE WITH THAT?" She sat back in disbelief "ANSWER ME!!!" "I don't, I don't know." She stuttered "Well I'll tell you something, you stay out of my surgery until you bloody well do know, now GET OUT!" ...read more.


"Yet you call yourself evil? You were put under extreme amounts of stress, you reacted to that stress, it might not have been the right thing to do but I don't think there is one person here who hasn't acted irrationally at least once in their life." "None of them have killed their babies though." Tears flowed down her sodden cheeks like rivers. "That maybe so, but I doubt that any of them have had to cope with all of what you went through in one day," "I suppose they haven't." "So may I suggest that you don't refer to yourself as evil but as disturbed and extremely stressed at the time." "Ok" "I put it to the jury that stress makes people do strange things, for example some people with debts steal large amounts of money, so who's to say that faced with Miss Smith's problems they wouldn't react the same." The closing speeches followed, prosecution concentrated mainly on the evil inside Linda and the possibility of her being a threat while defence played on the juries empathy skills in hope that they would pity Linda. Jury went off to discuss the matter, Linda sat nervously in the docks, feeling awful and looking just as bad. Jury returned about half an hour later, which suggested that they had been undecided, for Linda time had never dragged so much in her life. "Foreman, have you reached a verdict on which you are all agreed?" "Yes your honour." "What is your verdict on the two counts of murder?" There was a pause, not even a cough could be heard, everyone was holding his or her breath. "We find the defendant................guilty." A gasp of disbelief swept over the courtroom like disease. The judge turned to face Linda who was unresponsive, "Miss Smith, you have been found guilty on both counts of murder, you are sentenced to life imprisonment." "I know" Linda replied desolately. "Take her down" With that the woman's fate was sealed forever, a woman who had so much promise but isn't that always the way. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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