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Original Writing - Prose: A Russian Cinderella

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A Russian Cinderella Larissa Palovski hurried through the closing marketplace, clutching a long black shawl around her face and long, dark hair to keep out the approaching Russian winter's bite. The vegetable traders were closing up their stalls or serving their last customers, not that there was much to sell, with the war shortages being what they now were. An old peasant woman gingerly proffered a fistful of coins to a turnip seller, and received a moulded specimen of food in exchange. The world she was now headed for was unimaginably different to the squalor of war-torn Russia now. Larissa reflected on how it had happened, that she, a lowly miller's daughter, and a member of the royal family had fallen for each other. It had been a whirlwind romance, as they say. She had being temporarily working as a caterer at the Imperial Palace for a ball held by the Tsar for some reason or another, when she had looked up and caught the eye of Prince Wilhelm. ...read more.


"Have you decided what you are going to do about her, my boy?" He asked, tapping his tobacco pipe. He was referring to Larissa. Wilhelm swallowed. "I'm going to marry her and go to France, father." Wilhelm answered in the most dignified voice he could muster. He felt his ears growing warmer, but was relieved that he had made a choice. Nicolas seemed to take it in his stride, but his eyes betrayed a sense of disappointment. "Wilhelm, if that's what you want, I will not stop you, but I must confess that I am deeply, deeply disappointed in you, son. I..." Wilhelm interrupted him. "Pray, stop father. I, too, am sorry, but my mind is made. I would rather you didn't say what you are going to. I will leave and not tell anyone of what has transpired here." He knelt by the bed and pulled out from under it a large, old packing case that he had earlier prepared. ...read more.


"No, really!" She insisted. "I'm on my way to meet him right now!" "Well, if that's the case", uttered Boris, deadly serious. "You'll have to marry the late Prince Wilhelm!" He produced a revolver out of his coat pocket and ran off quickly towards the palace. Larissa screamed, and then chased him down the street. Prince Wilhelm had just finished saying his goodbyes to his family and stepped out of the palace gates, when he saw an ugly man running towards him with a revolver. He stood, frozen, as Boris pulled the trigger. Wilhelm gasped, and clutched his chest where the bullet had gone in. He collapsed to his knees. The last sight he saw was of the palace guards apprehending the man and of Larissa shrieking, then all went black. By noon, large crowd had gathered in the square outside the palace, as the police took away Boris, and doctors carried away two bodies on stretchers to the morgue. A priest closed the eyes of the departed and prayed the last rites over their remains. One body was Wilhelm, the other one was Larissa - the shock had stopped her heart. ...read more.

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