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Original Writing - Prose: A Winter's Tale.

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A Winter's Tale I know that it has been a long time since the event but I still can't believe what has happened. I'm still unable to separate the experience from my dreams and I still to this day cannot come to terms with it. I'll never forget............not ever. This entire experience started on a Christmas afternoon 1997. Karen, by best friend and I were sitting at the back of the car, with my mum in the driving seat. The weird thing was my mum actually reminded us to put out seat belts on. I was too intrigued by my new CD walkman. I was too interested to take any notice. None the less Karen put her seat belt on. I was too busy listening to the latest chart hit to bother. You'd expect nobody to commit a crime at this time of the year especially on this day but as we were driving toward Karen's house to collect their video camera, a car with a gang of teenagers who were shouting whizzed past us at high speed. ...read more.


After the accident, I went through a great deal from giving the silent treatment to being a rebellious teenager who received suspension from school. Everyone was saying I was "not myself". How could I be? Without the only person who understood me. On the first year anniversary of Karen's death, I wasn't very enthusiastic about Christmas and the weather didn't help me either. I never even dressed myself. It wasn't the same anymore; I just stayed in my room all day, refusing to go downstairs even to eat. Then something happened, the atmosphere felt strange and almost awkward. I could sense this feeling but I made nothing of it. Instead, I sobbed in my bed as I looked through the photos of Karen and me. Then, all of a sudden I felt cold rush which scattered all over my bed. I stopped my sobbing but I began sniffing. My windows were shut tight. I listened very carefully but all I could hear was the rain pattering against the window. ...read more.


"Karen! Karen!" I screamed - I couldn't believe what was happening, I began to feel very dizzy. "Karen? Karen are you there?" I screamed. Just at that moment everything seemed as if it was the same before. The door opened, and I hesitated and began crying hysterically again. It was my mum; she ran to my side and hugged me. "Karen's not here any more, I know u probably think she is, but she isn't" she said gently. "But ........but" I said stuttering and still recovering from the shock. "I'm saying you should forget her, you can't possibly do that, but just move on" she said. To this day, I haven't told anyone and it still makes me shiver at the thought of it. I definitely know that it was Karen but what I don't know is whether what she did was out of love, or out of hate........ I guess ill never know, I'll never know how she felt about me after the accident. I never believed in ghosts before, I thought it was just a myth but now I'm the strongest believer I know. ...read more.

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