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Original Writing - Prose: An Inspector Calls the Missing Scene - This play was set in 1912 the year the Titanic sank and before World War 2

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An Inspector Calls the Missing Scene This play was set in 1912 the year the Titanic sank and before World War 2. It was a dark cold night and rain was coming down like hail, The Bromley Women's Charity had a big queue outside of it. Eva Smith was inline holding a tissue looking very anxious, she had on a ripped dress that looked like it was washed in black oil and she not wearing not warm cloths holding a baby inside of her not knowing what the weather could be doing to the baby inside of her. The queue had started to go in slowly and Eva has got her turn to get inside in the warmth, Eva looked around her and saw a lot of homeless people laying down, eating food that was provided by the charity and people being seen by local GP's. ...read more.


Eva had found the room and had knocked the door a few times but no one had answered her to come in, so she opened the door to see if anyone was In the room and she heard a voice say: "excuse me, I didn't tell you to go into the room do you have a appointment" Eva said "no I haven't but I have been told that here I can find help and I'm looking for a lot of help" The women said "well Mrs Burling is with a person at the moment, so if you will wait then I will call you in". Eva had waited for 2 hours before she got her turn to go in and when she did she felt very nervous because she knew who she was going to meet and she didn't know what he reaction would be if she told her who she really was. ...read more.


After Eva has explained everything to Mrs Burling, Mrs Burling had given her �10 to get cloths and food. Just when Eva was going to leave Mrs Burling asked her what her last name was and Eva went to a halt and had thought about it and she was going to say Smith but then she turned around and said to Mrs Burling "it's Burling". Mrs Burling face went into shock and said " how dare you use my name as your own, you can never be a burling, just look at you, your hideous give me my money back and leave at once!" Eva has started to cry and she had run out of the door and wasn't seen after that. ...read more.

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