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Original Writing - Prose: Autobiography.

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Autobiography It was a normal afternoon and I was on the bus coming home from school. Steph, my sister, would have been with me but today she was at a friend's house. Sat daydreaming I suddenly realised that the next stop was mine. I got up and walked down the bus. Stood next to the bus driver, I held on as the bus pulled round the corner and into the stop. I thanked the driver and started walking down the road towards my house. Then I heard someone shout my name. I turned around and saw that it was Chris, my then boyfriend. He was supposed to be at work but they had, had a power cut at the garage he worked at. We walked to my house. When we got in we got a drink and went up stairs. The lock on my bedroom door had been broken for ages so I decided that I was going to sort it out. I went downstairs and out the back door into the garden. ...read more.


As I dialled the number my hands where shaking. The phone seemed to ring for what felt like an eternity. Then finally a voice came on the line. 'Hello, Rossmore Leisure Centre'. My voice seemed to seize up. 'Um, um please can I speak to Mel Steele?' My mum came on the phone and I explained what had happened. She told me to stay calm and that she would be home in five minutes. She also said to wait out the front of the house ready. So Chris and me went out side and when I saw my mum's car coming down the road it all hit me and I started crying. Chris started hugging me and telling me that everything would be ok. We got in the car and drove to the hospital. When we arrived we had to sign in and a receptionist keep asking lots of questions. One of them was 'What's the problem?' which I thought was funny because it was pretty obvious! My Mum, Chris and I had to go and wait in the waiting area. ...read more.


I walked back out from the little room I had been in for about 3 hours and saw that Chris was still waiting for me. And that my dad who had arrived was talking to him! This was a great shock because Chris and dad never used to get on but since that day they get on fine! Me, Chris and Mum went home in her car and my dad took his to go and get some tea. When we got home my Nan and Grampa where there. They had covered the back door with cardboard and made a pot of tea for us! After we had been back for about twenty minutes there was a knock at the door. It was my friends Luke and Sean. They had phoned when we had been at the hospital and my Nan had told them what had happened so they had come to check I was ok. The four of us spent the rest of the evening in the lounge talking and watching television. I couldn't sit up straight because the cuts went all the way down my left side, so I had to lay on Chris all night! If only there hadn't been a power cut! Samantha Steele 11N ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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