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Original Writing"Rachel, look across Mr. Smith's house is for sale." Said Mrs. Jones in an amazed voice. "I know mother the family have gone aboard but don't know how long for".

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Signs That Creep From The Dead "Rachel, look across Mr. Smith's house is for sale." Said Mrs. Jones in an amazed voice. "I know mother the family have gone aboard but don't know how long for". The neighbors were upset about how a lovely family had moved away, but also a little excited because a new family was moving in their neighborhood. "Becka go out and get the rest of the suitcases", said her mum as she was putting the bags on the table. It was a rumbling stormy night with thunder striking. Jake, who was Becka's small brother, was putting the fire on as it was very cold in the rooms of the house. The children were deciding what rooms they were going to have when a sudden they heard a loud bang coming from the cellar. They rushed out of the door as they bumped into their mother who was coming to check on what they were doing. "Mum did you hear that, we heard a bang coming from the other side of the hallway". Becka was gasping for breath as half of the words she said did not make sense. ...read more.


"Go on kids go just don't bother about me, I'll be just fine", she said in an anxious voice. (A phone rang) "Hello. Hello who's there?" But no one spoke just someone on the line listening to her voice. And from nowhere there was a knock on the door. As Susie went to open the door, there was no one there, just a strong breeze weeping. Susie was now very anxious of was happening in the house so she decided to a remark with her neighbor and find any thing from the past. "Well, what can I say about number 13 house, all that I know is that many many years ago a lady was murdered but no one knows that why or how it happened". After hearing this she became disturbed and decided not to let the kids know about this. When she entered the house she noticed something remarkable with the furniture. At first she didn't know what it was but then, yes it was the furniture that had been moved around. "What the, Becka Jake are you home", but there was no response given. In the launch as he entered she saw her classy vase crashed in pieces and there was load of clutter around. ...read more.


"Mum we're exhausted we're going to bed". "Ok love you do that". She made herself cup of tea and sat by the fire. The room was chilly for some how but the room that she was in she felt a strong breeze. As she turned around she saw a shadow of someone holding a knife. "What please leave me alone just go away". "No that's I want for YOU TO LEAVE ME ALONE" said the mischievous spirit walking towards her. She dashed out of the room and started to pack her bags. "Kids were leaving, come on quick". She put her luggage in her vehicle. The lights of the house were turning on and off and the doors and windows were rattling. Susie left the house was never to step in there ever. Two months later that same house was to be demolished. But nevertheless the building stood there alone just how it was requested to be. After a week a newspaper was published. The story said that: 'Demolition Men Destroyed By The Spirit Of Dead'. When the neighbours and friends read this they were stunned and now the truth was out of why really the families left. But still today it is said that the lights of the house turn ON AND OFFFF. ...read more.

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