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Original Writing: Rumours over Rumours

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Rumours over Rumours It happened on a usual Friday in the autumn. The weather was very terrible: masses of rain were falling down the sky as if the clouds were exploding. There was no sun visible in the sky. The school bell rang and David put his stuff away and walked out of the classroom. He stood outside the school with his mates, waiting for their mums and dads to pick them up. Having to stay under the rain without any umbrella or a place where they could protect themselves from the rain. After 15 minutes standing and waiting outside in the cold David's last friend was picked up by his mother. That was very unusual as normally David is the first one to be able to go home, but this day was completely different. David had to wait about half an hour until the red BMW with his dad sitting inside arrived, red-faced and in hurry. David sat down on the front passenger's seat next to a normally unknown image. The car immediately made its way home. There was an uncommon silence inside the car. David sensed that something was definitely wrong, as normally he asks his son about how the day was. After a few minutes his Dad broke the silence: "David, how can you explain me the rumour that is there around our neighbourhood?" ...read more.


David was crying and silently went to his room. He laid down on his bed and cried. After a while he fell asleep. The next day was a holiday and David woke up very early, at about 6 o'clock. He first washed his face, got dressed and got back into his bed. He didn't have any breakfast because his mum was there and he didn't want to see her again. David spent all his day in his room doing nothing else as sleeping or playing around with his mobile phone. His parents completely ignored him, and so did he to them. His parents and David did not communicate to each other properly for about 4 week. David never went into this bar again, drunk alcohol or smoked cigarettes during this time although he was very depressed and often wished to go there. He thought of the possible effect that could happen if he did that again and got caught. When he got back to school after the holidays his mum started speaking with him and David felt very happy about it because in this period of time he found out how important a mother is to a son, which he just experienced. Their relationship was built together again and it seemed to be nothing that could break them both apart. ...read more.


After looking back to the bedroom window of his parents and said farewell to his parents inside. He started his way to this lake by running all the five kilometres. He ran as fast as he had never done before. At about 3.30 he arrived there on the lake. David's biggest fear was a lake or sea as he could not swim. There were boats, which could be rented on the lake. As David didn't have any money with him he just took one and paddled to the centre of the lake. 5 kilometres away from where David was, his mum woke up and had the funny feeling that something was wrong, having to do with David. She decided to go to David's room to ensure that everything was alright. But in fact it wasn't at all. When she opened his room, she saw the empty room with the window open and the farewell letter on David's desk. She screamed a very ear-piercing scream when she read about David's suicide. At the same time David was in the centre of the lake and about to suicide himself. David closed his eyes and though about his family, his brother, mum and dad. Then he jumped into the lake with ice cold water and allowed the lake to swallow him... ?? ?? ?? ?? Kamran Adnan (11 S2) English Coursework Rumours over Rumours Page 1 ...read more.

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