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Original Writing - School.

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GCSE Assignment Original Writing School We gathered at the front of the school building, green railings, it looked so much more formal than my infant school. I had only visited this school once on my induction. I was terrified. I stuck to my mother's side, gripping her hand tightly, my Winnie the Pooh lunchbox in the other hand. I held back the tears as my mother let my hand go, and I followed my friend Lucy through the school gates, she had an older brother who had lent her his school jumper, we commented on how it looked more like a dress than a jumper. Mine was also a bit on the large side, my mother insisted I would grow into it, I never did. We awkwardly walked onto the large playground, footballs flew, skipping ropes spun as the older children jumped over them. I felt lost, it was almost as if I didn't know where to look, in case I looked at the wrong person, a bully for example. The bell rung, we never used to have bells at my old school, this was a new experience, it made me feel big. I was definitely part of a big school now. ...read more.


It never did actually happen. Mr Berry always seemed a little odd and was always the victim of our jokes whispered around in assembly "Look at Mr Berry, he's falling asleep again!" This was probably what Mr Berry was most famous for; also he had a knack of loosing his contacts when he took them out in lessons. Once he got us all on the floor looking for a contact lens. Mr Berry retired when I was about ten or so but as he was a family friend I continued to see him. He was always eager to hear about my progress in maths. Amongst the happiness of my early school days, there is also sadness. During my time at primary school two teachers passed away, one of which was Mr Berry. They weren't most popular of teachers but there was definitely an atmosphere when they were no longer with us. Trainers and Dresses "Charlotte! Get your trainers on, were going for a walk today!" "What...Eh...Sorry?" I was still half asleep. "I said, put your trainers on, we're going for a walk!" This wasn't what I needed. I'd had yet another late night, which wasn't exactly uncommon being in the hands of my unreliable uncle, and now he announces we're off on a walk. ...read more.


I've never had to experience anything unpleasant at home, there's always been a routine of sorts (although sometimes we never eat until nine in the evening!) and we've all stuck to it for fourteen and a bit years. Being an only child I've never experienced sibling rivalry, the closest I've had to that is arguments with my younger cousin, but I promised myself I wouldn't go into that. I wonder just how different I might have been if I had had any siblings, I mean would I act differently? Would I be more tolerant perhaps? Who knows? I hope that when I'm older my childhood memories remain locked away within me but I don't just want to remember that. At the moment I can't really remember anything before the age of five or so. I just hope that when I'm in my twenties I can remember things I did at the age I'm currently at, especially school. I've never met anybody who enjoys every aspect of school, especially R.E., however most of my memories are of school and probably still will be when I'm older. Anyway that's enough of my waffling, if there's anyone to thank for the way I am, it's my parents. After all they made me who I am. Charlotte Cooper 10Y ...read more.

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