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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: English
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Original Writing - Stealing.

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19th September 04 Original Writing Coursework Stealing A few questions? Hahaha, what do you take me for, a fool? Believe me sir I've sat in this chair many times before and I certainly know that this is going to take a lot longer then just a few questions! JESUS, you people! You bang me up in a dark, cold, emulsioned box and expect me to calm down! Do you have any idea how hard it is to sleep on those wooden benches; you pigs really know how to treat your guests. My mum and dad? Don't patronise me! You lot have my files and know full well were they are, buried under tons of soil in cheap wooden boxes. Oh, so you do know the story huh? It seems everyone knows about my stuff. Let me refresh your memory...I was a mere ten years old, had everything a kid could want. My mum and dad took me on holiday. We used to play at the park, build sandcastles at the beach and snowmen in the snow, dad used to take me to work with him... those were the days, my rents were the best. But you see, people were jealous of what we had.


I had to pass a test to get in to the school and I aced it! Don't know how because I was never in the lessons, always sent out for something or another. Looking back I regret it now, I should have gone to school, got my GCSEs, maybe I could have got a job and made my mum proud. Bought a car or a bike, just like the one my dad owned. He liked cars, dad used to let me back the car out the drive way when I was small. When he died I couldn't do that anymore. How was the home? I hated the care home, full of weirdo's, like that Mr Heinz. So when I was given a foster family I was relieved. Yeah that's right I went to live at the Potters, nice enough family I guess, never got on with Sarah though. She said I was an ungrateful rat of a kid and that I was a bad influence on her precious son, John. Believe me officer he weren't no angel. Him and I were like brothers, I was accepted into his group of friends, I was part of the gang.


I didn't even think it was a crime to be lonely and in need of 'a mate with a mind as cold as the slice of ice within my own brain.' In the piece of writing above I took on the persona of the young criminal from Carol Anne Duffy's "Stealing" poem. I wrote in first person and created a story based on the idea that the young boy was being interviewed in a police station. I found this extremely entertaining to write and I tried hard to express his true feelings of anger and loneliness. However I found this piece of writing rather depressing and melancholy to read and would have preferred a 'lighter' topic to write about. I addressed the reader as 'you' to keep the story on a personal level and my intention was to make the reader feel the boy's hostile and defensive attitudes. Overall I think I executed the task successfully and managed to stay in character throughout the story, and I have also used quotes from "Stealing" and these are shown in inverted commas. To improve this I could have gone into greater depth with the story. Hayley Batchelor 11E

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