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Original Writing - Stealing

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Stealing - Tanvir Islam It was a dark night in the middle of Los Angeles. The road was quiet and except for a woman who was approaching the ATM no one was around. I crept quietly towards the woman; so quietly that she would not even hear me breathe. The rough balaclava on my face started to make me feel hot and I had trapped sweat travelling down my face. I approached her from behind; she was focused on the machine in front of her. Slowly I took out my fake disguised toy handgun and I held it tightly by my side ready to stick it into her back. She finally made a withdrawal and I got closer to her. I stuck the front of the gun in the centre of her back; she jumped up with shock but was just able to hold on to the cash. I ordered her to relax and not to panic or else I would take action. She was doing just as I asked. But then just as I was about to succeed in my mission a pale, scared young boy stepped out from around the side of the ATM machine and up to the short woman. ...read more.


It was truly an unforgettable game. I had always contained confidence with in my self about having the good life, the American Dream when i was young. I had no support no matter what to earn my dream. My father had despised me never helped me and my mother; well she never really cared about anyone. I remember when I had completed my A-Levels and had passed with an A. That night I got home witnessing a party that was held for my good grades. I remember the exact moment, the moment I had walked into the garden with the barbeque heat being pressed against my face and I heard my father reveal a lie to his friends; the lie that I could not bare, the lie that made me run away. He had told his friends that he was the reason I am a success in my education and that he had helped me all the way through. I had packed my bags to move into Harvard University to do my degree. I left telling no-one. I was hitchhiking on the streets. A glossy blue Shelby Mustang pulled over by my right side. The dark tinted window slid down, a woman who had long brown hair and was wearing white framed sunglasses gave me a lift to the University only because she was attending to the same University as well. ...read more.


I was posing as a security guard in order to get closer to the money that I was planning to steal. I stepped in the building past the automatic doors. I announced good morning to other workers to make myself seem I work there. It was convenient in getting to the money but just then a man stepped in with a shotgun. He was playing the violent type of robber. The alarms were set off and the door was about to close. I was frightened; I jumped through the doors and then left the building without no one noticing. I heard sirens once I got outside so I walked the opposite way from where the squad cars were coming from. I came back to the present; the woman on the bench had a much more tense and serious look on her face now. She whispered me a question to me saying "Why on Earth are you telling me this"? I replied "I had to confess my crimes to someone, I could not live with keeping it as a secret from everyone" The woman looked scared and then all of a sudden she ran off. I went home that day with water dropping continuously from my sore eyes. The next morning the doorbell rang, I answered it and I saw two large men waiting outside they were policemen. ...read more.

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