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Escape! For some reason my head was hurting when I finally flickered my eyes open. As I brushed my dark hair off my face, a haunting silence entered my ears. I sat up to see the whole school packed tightly into the hall. There were so many of us. I always imagined that this many people could fit in here easily, obviously I was wrong. Lined up row after row were familiar people lying on the floor, their faces were hidden in terror. Next to me lay my best friend Lana; she was lying on her side with her back facing towards me. Her long light brown hair was hiding her beautiful blue eyes, as it covered her red lips. She was wearing a pini -frock similar to mine, as it was part of our school uniform; under her grey tights she wore her black shoes. We had always been friends for as long as I can remember. I searched around the hall to see if I could find my little sister. At the far end I saw her, but who was that next to her. My eye caught the back of a long figured person, who was wearing a black leather coat with something covering its face. It had knee-high leather boots that were covered in mud. Who was that? ...read more.


Was it assembly? No, it was the same man standing here; he had a gun pointing towards Mr Owens head, our head teacher. He ordered all of us to get inside the hall. Another man walked in also wearing a black mask. He walked to, what seemed to be the head in charge of this hostage situation. He whispered something that I could not tell from here. Obviously the head did not like the sound of it, as he started to yell impolite words that we weren't allowed to say. I hid under my coat trying to block them out. Out aloud he yelled, "I want my money of exactly a million immediately, or you will suffer the consequences!" He had a cloth over the phone when he shouted this, and slammed the phone down on the floor, it smashed into tiny pieces. He turned his back around and he saw me. He pointed his half chewed finger at me, the look in his evil eyes made me feel like the chosen one. The next minute I knew. One of the men that stood beside the door came to get me; he grabbed me from the arm and lifted me right of the floor leaving my coat behind. He took me into a dark small room where I had never been before. ...read more.


What if the man was waiting outside the classroom for me? After a while I assured myself that there was nobody there. I crept towards the doors and peeked through the gap in the doorway. I couldn't see anyone. So I pulled the door ajar and squeezed myself through the space. I was standing in the corridor again. I looked towards the way out and saw to figures standing on either side. The exit was wide open. I held my breath and tried to get as close as I could without being noticed. Now I stood only a few feet away from freedom. I held my breath and ran. One of the men made a grab for me and almost stopped me but I was too quick. I ran out into the chilly air with rain trickling down my face. I was still running when I saw the police cars parked ahead of me. The men were no longer chasing me. I collapsed into the arms of a large uniformed figure. He wrapped me up in a towel and put me into the safety of the police vehicle. I hugged the soft towel tightly, shivering from the cold. I looked back, the school stood drenched in rain. Then I gasped at what I suddenly realised. I may be free but the rest of the school students and teachers were still inside with those brutal minded men. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Argue, Persuade and Advise section.

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