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Original Writing - The Beast

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'The Beast' 22nd of June 2006, 10:30am. I, along with thousands of others, have been waiting for this moment for years. This was the most important time of my life. Nothing, not even the world cup final, could make me feel what I was feeling now. The excitement, the thrill, the adrenaline. Over my shoulder I heard the unmistakable sound of screams coming from the petrified passengers. I spun around, hoping to catch a glimpse of the monster that I would be boarding shortly, but no. It had shot off at a remarkable speed around the corner and had disappeared into the darkness of its tunnel. Then I heard its roar again. It had found its way round the winding track, and flew past me like a bullet from a gun. I leapt back in shock, and I could feel my heart in my throat. Then there was silence. It had stopped. I could see it parked as twenty-six more people bravely stepped into it and strapped themselves in. Their faces demonstrated how afraid they were. Each one of them had fear in their eyes. I could tell, just by looking, that this ride is not for the faint hearted. One man on the front row could hardly bear it.


They just carried on walking towards me. To the left of me, I saw Sam backing away as if something was about to happen to me, but I just ignored him and tried to make myself look as casual as possible. I hadn't done anything against the rules; I hadn't stolen anything, or hurt somebody, so I was desperately hoping I wasn't going to get chucked out of the park. This was it. They stopped. I turned around and stared them in the eye. I could feel everybody looking at me and I could hear whispers, but I kept cool. My mind was racing. Then one of them spoke. "Congratulations!" he exclaimed with a smile on his face. I went into a state of shock and stood motionless. I did not know what he was talking about. What did he mean by that, what had I done, why did he pick me out of everybody else. Then he spoke again, "Follow me please". I was speechless. I just stepped through the gate leaving Sam behind and I followed the two men without saying a word. I was confused and worried, but deep down inside me I had a good feeling. They took my away from the queue and towards a shop.


I heard the blood curling screams of the people already on the roller coaster as they whizzed past me and gradually I grew more nervous. This was it. The car had reached the platform and had stopped. We were given orders to step onto it and we were privileged to the front seats. Sam climbed in first. He did not speak much but I could tell by the way that it was a freezing cold day and he had sweat dripping down his forehead that he was more horrified than anybody else. We both sat down, bars over out heads. I was petrified. I could see a long stretch of track in front of me and I tried to act calm. Inside I was burning with fear. Everyone was strapped in and we were ready to go. I was gripping the handlebars so hard I thought I might break them. But I held on, and then it started. The dreaded countdown. This was the worst thing of all. I was so unbelievably terrified and I couldn't help but scream. I held on with all my might as the countdown got closer and closer to one. Then I heard it. The last three numbers before the ride commenced. The best experience I will ever have in my entire lifetime and these were the last words I heard. Three... Two... One... 1,368 words ?? ?? ?? ?? 1

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